Mac Time Machine Error Code 6584 - How to Recover Data?

Unable to open Time Machine backup drive due to error code 6584 and all your backup data have become inaccessible? Don’t fret, REMO makes it simple and easy to recover all Time Machine backup data and fix Time Machine error code 6584 on Mac now.

Time Machine Error ode 6584

Help! Mac Time Machine Error Code 6584 

“Hi, I have been using Time Machine backup on my MacBook Pro that is running macOS Sierra (10.12). When I try to restore Time Machine backup, I am getting error code 6584. How do I resolve this issue and restore my backup files?”

Symptoms related to Time Machine error code 6584

  • The saved Macintosh data gets damaged or corrupted without any warning.
  • Slow & sluggish behavior of Mac machine.
  • Mac OS X will get terminated automatically after few minutes of working.
  • Display various errors like “access denied”, “file not found”, etc.
  • Mac gets terminated automatically after few minutes of working.
  • Installed applications gets crashed or often freezes.

In general, the Time Machine error code 6584 appears whenever you try accessing Time Machine backup irrespective of the Mac versions you are using on your devices. Eventually, as a consequence of this, you can’t use previous backup of Time Machine and may lose access to your backup files. In such situation, you need a professional Mac Time Machine data recovery tool for recovering missing, lost and even corrupted data conveniently.

Safely recover Time Machine backup drive data with Remo Recover data recovery software

No doubt, Remo Partition Recovery is an extremely simple yet effective utility that retrieves data from both Time Machine and Time Capsule backup drives on Mac OS X. The robust recovery mechanism of the software performs deep scanning of the entire Mac hard disk drive either it is internal or external and give the users with optimum result.

In addition, Remo Recover data recovery program has been designed with layman perspective that enable even the beginner users to restore Mac data with ease. The software easily recovers files that have been deleted, lost or damaged while fixing the Time Capsule or Time Machine error on Apple Mac. Another advantage of this application is that, you can easily install and operate it with minimal system resource utilization.

Features & benefits of Remo Recover data recovery tool

  • Safely recover data from HFSX. HFS+, HFS and ExFAT based Boot camp partition.
  • Highly applicable in case of Mac file system corruption or erroneous situations.
  • Supports recovery of more than 300+ file types and formats including text documents, spreadsheets, RAW files, videos, photos, etc.
  • Maintains and preserves the integrity of data as it works in read-only mode.
  • Enable resume current recovery session to avoid re-scanning of the entire drive again.

Steps to fix Time Machine error code 6584 and recover data with Remo Recover

Remo Recover data recovery tool for Mac provides handy steps to retrieve deleted files from Mac Time Machine backup, external hard drive, SSD or any other storage device straightforwardly.

Step 1: Launch Remo Recover and select “Recover Volumes / Drives” option to recover data after Time Machine error code 6584.

Select Recover Volumes option to apple Time Capsule after error code 6584

Step 2: Click on “Volumes Recovery” option to perform Mac Time Machine error code 6584 recovery.

Click Volume Recovery to fix Time Machine an unexpected error occurred error code 6584

Step 3: Select the Time Machine backup drive from the list of physical devices and click on “Next” button.

Choose the drive showing Time Machine error code 6584  and hit Next

Step 4: The software then scans the selected hard drive and displays the recovered data in "File Type View" or "Data View".

Preview recovered data list

Step 5: Click on “Save” button to save the recovered data from erroneous Time Machine backup drive to your Mac.

Use Save Recovery Session option to save recovered files