Free Software to Repair Corrupt AVI File - Remo AVI Repair!!!

Remo AVI Repair - a free software available online to fix corrupt, damaged, or inaccessible AVI, XVID, and DIVX video files safely and securely. Download the free software and preview the repaired AVI file for free now!!!


Audio Video Interleave (AVI) contains both audio and video streams in a single file that allows simultaneous audio-with-video playback. Sometimes, it may happen that the AVI files that you downloaded from internet or you copied from other devices do not play. It means that the .avi file is corrupted. There are many reasons for AVI file corruption like incomplete download, CRC error, etc. In such situations, you can conveniently make use of Remo Repair AVI to fix all issues.

You can make use of demo version of Remo Repair AVI for free

The advanced AVI file repair software from Remo is available in demo version which you can download, run it, and preview a repaired clip of AVI video file for free prior saving. It will help you to repair corrupted .avi files quickly and safely without modifying the original .avi file, as it works in read only mode. The software to repair corrupted .avi files has a user friendly interface, so that even a novice computer user can also use this utility to repair severely corrupted AVI files with ease.

Not only AVI files can be repaired by this AVI repair tool, it can fix other files like DIVX and XVID at any level of corruption on all Macintosh devices. In addition, the professional AVI repair software can also assist you in repairing broken, unplayable or inaccessible AVI videos in just few mouse clicks.

4 simple steps to repair corrupted AVI videos on Mac OS X

Download Remo Repair AVI tool by clicking on the Download Now button. Install it on your Mac machine and follow the below listed steps.

Step 1: Launch Remo Repair AVI, select the AVI file corrupted using "Browse" option and then click on "Repair" icon to automatically start the repair process

Browse corrupt AVI and click Repair to fix your corrupted AVI file

Step 2: You can monitor the repair process of your AVI file by looking at the progress bar

See the status of repairing AVI video file via progress bar

Step 3: After completion of repair process, click on "Preview" button to view the repaired AVI video file

 Click on Preview button to view the repaired AVI file

Step 4: Click "Save" to store the fixed AVI video file to the location that you want on your Mac computer

 Hit Save button to store the repaired AVI File on your Apple Mac

Get your AVI files repaired using Remo Repair AVI Utility..

  • AVI video files which are stored in external devices like external hard disk, memory card, flash drive, pen drive, etc. which are connected to Mac system can be easily fixed using this tool
  • Repairs AVI files created on any popular DSLR cameras and camcorder brands
  • Supports repairing of curtailed part of the .avi file due to incomplete download
  • All AVI file error fix can be performed easily with the help of this proficient AVI repair application
  • Fixes truncated and AVI files of large size in few easy steps

Few possible issues you may encounter while playing corrupted AVI file on Mac:

  • Video freezes while playing AVI file
  • It may only play audio without video clip
  • Video file refuses to play on any media player
  • Sometimes, when playing video the picture floats

Software supports all the below listed AVI file corruption scenarios:

  • Insufficient memory: When you try to move or download an AVI file to a location that doesn’t have enough memory space, then there is a possibility that the AVI file might get corrupted.
  • Incorrect codec: AVI files are stored in various codec formats. Sometimes, playing the .avi video on a player that do not have appropriate codecs may corrupt your video.
  • Improper recovery of AVI video: Using unreliable third party tools to recover deleted or lost AVI files will result in corruption.
  • Other reasons: AVI videos may get corrupted due to digital camera malfunction, header file corruption, presence of bad sectors, incomplete file transfer, etc.