Software to Recover Deleted Files from Memory Card Mac

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

How to recover deleted files from memory card Mac?

Think of the times when the computer was introduced for the first time. You had only one option to save your files i.e in hard disk. Though internal hard drives provide a considerable space for large data storage, it has many drawbacks. You will not be able to achieve file sharing using a internal hard disk, since they are not portable. These hard drives were very heavy to be carried around to different places. To overcome this drawback, tiny chip like storage devices were introduced called as memory cards. Due to this advancement in technology, new portable digital cameras and music players came into existence.

Memory cards though tiny in form, have a capability of storing more data. Generally, this device is utilized on cameras, mobiles and portable music players as a basic means of data storage. You can save your pictures, videos, music files on memory cards and use them when necessity arises. However, at certain instances you may delete the files from your memory card as a result of intentional or unintentional deletion. Are you the one who deleted one of your valuable file from memory card? Don’t worry!!  Make use of Remo Recover to get back you deleted files. This software comprises of powerful algorithms that enables you to recover deleted files from memory card Mac instantly.  Before we discuss more on this software, let us look at some events that cause loss of files from memory card.

Facts behind deletion of files from memory card:

  • Accidental File Deletion: Humans are more often prone to commit errors. When you find a lot of useless files on your memory card, you might move forward and delete those junk. If you attempt to delete more number of files at a shot, you might end of losing any of your valuable file among the deleted list. So, every time you go for this method, do a double check over the selected files.
  • Unintentional Memory Card Formatting:  This is the most common scenario concerned with data loss from memory cards. While using the memory card on your system or on camera, you might end up selecting format option accidentally. Due to accidental format, you will be losing the entire files saved on your memory card. If you have committed such a mistake, then make use of Remo Recover to restore deleted files from memory card Mac
  • Antivirus Scanning:  In order to safeguard you data from virus culprits you might install the antivirus program to your Mac machine. When you connect and scan your memory card with the antivirus program, it will delete the infected files along with the virus, without any prior notice.

To safeguard your files from loss from all these situations, you need to follow some precautionary measures. Some of the points are mentioned below

  • Make use of effective antivirus program to protect data loss from virus
  • Regularly, cultivate the habit of taking backup of files
  • Use precautionary steps before ejecting the memory card from the Mac system

Remo Recover is one of the powerful software that enables you to perform Mac memory card file recovery in a quick and easy way. This software consumes very less time to scan you memory card and retrieve the files. It is easy to use software since it equips of an attractive and simple GUI. This software can be employed on all Mac versions such as Mac Lion, Mac Leopard, Mac Snow Leopard and Mac Mountain Lion.

Before you purchase the software, make use of demo version and estimate the real time recovery results. If you are satisfied with the results, you can purchase the software online and save the results. You can get in touch with our 24*7 support for any other queries regarding the software.

Steps to use the software to recover deleted files from memory card Mac:

Step 1: Connect the memory card to your Mac system. Select "Recover Photos" option here in order to retrieve photos from the memory card.

Software to Recover Deleted Files from Memory Card - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now select the memory card from the list of drives, as illustrated in figure 2.

Recover Deleted Files from Memory Card Mac - Choose Drive

Figure 2: Choose Drive

Step 3: Choose the file type which you want to retrieve, as illustrated in figure 3

how to recover deleted files from memory card mac - Select File Type

Figure 3: Select File Type

Step 4: After the recovery select the files and restore it back, as illustrated in figure 4

Mac Memory Card File Recovery - Recovered Picture Files

Figure 4: Preview Recovered Photos


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