Remo Recover - Safest Data Recovery Software for Mac OS X

Don't let your important data vulnerable to unsafe recovery methods. Use Remo Recover - a 100% safe, reliable and user-friendly data recovery software to recover all kinds of deleted or lost files on Mac and Windows.



Safe Way to Recover Data

Mac OS X developed by Apple Inc. provides strong security to data and is highly protected when compared to other platforms. But on occasions of data loss, users generally put all their sensitive information vulnerable to various kinds of threats by using unsafe data recovery methods. Know how to recover deleted or missing files the safest way.

There are many instances wherein your data gets lost or deleted from a Mac hard drive, which is mostly a result of human mistakes like accidental deletion of files, emptying Trash with important files in it, etc. The only safe way to recover data from Mac drive is by using Remo Recover. The secure Mac OS X data recovery tool from Remo effortlessly retrieves all types of data back in just few simple steps.

Features of Remo Recover software

  • Provides a safe data recovery of deleted or lost files / folders from Macintosh volume.
  • Recovers all types of data files such as photos, videos, documents, music and many other 300+ file types from Mac OS X
  • Supports data recovery from various portable devices such as external hard drive, thumb drive, USB drives, memory cards, digital cameras and many other devices
  • Ability to identify and recover lost data files based on unique signature search
  • Tool works exceptionally well on all types of hard disk drives including SSDs

Steps to safely recover data from Mac OS X with Remo Recover

Get this data recovery software free download and installation on your system by clicking on Download Now button and install it on your Mac drive. Run the data recovery software and follow below mentioned steps to recover lost / deleted data safely:

Step 1: Launch Remo Recover and click on “Recover Files” option. Then, select either “Recover Deleted Files” or “Recover Lost Files” button in order to retrieve data from Mac hard drive

 Select Recover Files button to recover data from your Macintosh volume

Step 2: Choose the Mac volume from which you want to recover data and click “Next” icon

Click on the Mac HDD in order to recover data safely and hit Next

Step 3: Select the appropriate file types that you want to restore based on file extensions or just click on “Skip” option to show all file formats

Select File Types which you want to recover and clcik on Next

Step 4: The software scan and display with the list of recovered data which you can see by using “File Type View” or “Data View” options

View recovered data files by using File Type View or Data View

Step 5: Click on “Save” button to store the recovered data on any host accessible Mac OS X drive

Click Save option to save the retrieved data on any desired path of your choice


Why to prefer Remo Recover - a safe way to recover data

100% safe to recover data: The tool works in read-only mode, which means it is not writing even a single bit to your source file or the drive from where it is recovering the lost data.

User friendly interface: It is very easy-to-use with friendly interface and all the data can be recovered with utmost ease in just few simple steps.

Free demo version: You can download the demo version of Remo Recover program for free of cost and experience its effectiveness prior buying the actual licensed version.

24*7 technical support: Round the clock customer supports is provided by our experts for free to resolve all your queries related to software installation or using it.

Safest way to recover data from different data loss scenarios

The professional Mac OS X undelete software from Remo can quickly retrieve deleted files even you have emptied from the Trash. Remo Recover provides complete recovery of lost data from all listed scenarios in just few clicks:

  • File system corruption: Failure or corruption of file system is one of the major cause that result in data loss or data inaccessibility that are saved on the Mac hard disk.
  • Abrupt ejection of USB: People often use portable data carriers like SD card, pen drive, etc. to transfer data from Apple Mac to external devices or vice versa. Sudden ejection of the device from Macintosh while data is being transferred will leads to data loss.
  • Improper termination: Many-a-times people will be in hurry and they terminate Mac OS X improperly which may result in data loss.