How to Recover Deleted Pictures after Upgrade to Sierra

All photos gone after Sierra update? Here’s Remo Recover Media, the ultimate photo recovery tool for Mac that describes easy methods to restore deleted or lost photos when they become inaccessible or go missing after Mac OS X Sierra upgrade.

The major upgrade to Mac OS X – macOS Sierra is released and available for all Apple users with a free upgrade. But, if you have noticed missing photos after Sierra upgrade, don’t panic as this is a common case. Since Apple does not provide built-in tool to restore photos lost in macOS Sierra update, safe recovery of missing images on Mac is only possible by using Remo Recover software.

Important: Before you recover lost or deleted photos after macOS Sierra update, it is advised to not to save any new files to the machine as the lost file will be overwritten and the chances to restore photo files will reduce.

Steps to recover lost photos after Sierra update from Time Machine backup

1. Click Apple menu, choose System Preferences option and click on Time Machine

2. Click Show Time Machine in menu bar

3. In Time Machine menu, click Enter Time Machine option that will take you to Time Machine window

4. In Time Machine window, select the photo file that you want to restore

5. After file is chosen, hit Space Bar to view its content

6. Click Restore button or simultaneously press Ctrl and click keys and the image file will be restored to the original location on Mac

The photo recovery from Time Machine backup is only possible if the user has previously set it. If there is no backup schedule or available backup, then it is impossible to recover the lost pictures. In such case, the lost or deleted image files will be recovered using Remo Recover tool.

How to recover deleted pictures after upgrade to Sierra without backup

Remo Recover is the only solution to recover photos, video or audios in the absence of backup. The photo recovery process is simple and can be completed in just few clicks. Let’s know the steps for how to retrieve lost pictures on Mac OS X Sierra after an upgrade.

Step 1: Launch Remo Recover Media Edition and click “Recover Photos” icon to restore photos lost in macOS Sierra update.

Select Recover Photos option

Step 2: Choose the drive from where you want to recover lost or deleted photos after macOS Sierra update and click “Next” to initiate recovery process.

Choose appropriate volume and hit Next

Step 3: After recovery is done, the software shows the list of all recoverable photo files by means of “File Type View” and “Data View”.

Preview recovered photo file list

Step 4: To avoid re-scanning of volume again, use save recovery session feature or just purchase the tool and click “Save” icon to save the recovered photos back to your Mac.

Click Save to store recovered images

What causes photo loss after macOS Sierra upgrade?

If the upgrade process goes wrong and no backup available, then pictures might get deleted. Sometimes, after upgrading to Sierra from lower version, it is probably that the photo file header is affected due to which it becomes inaccessible and leads to photo loss. Access permission errors and excessive disk fragmentation are few other factors responsible for missing pictures and other data from the Mac. In all such instances, Remo Recover is the only secure way to get back your images. Some unique traits of the software are listed below:

  • Designed with user friendly interface that makes photo recovery easy even for new user
  • Supports recovery of images from hard drive, SD card, flash drive, iPod and more
  • Restore all types of images after Mac volume corruption, hard drive crash or partition format
  • Provides an option to add/edit file signatures to ensure complete recovery
  • Display restored data in Mac Finder Styled interface
  • Sorts recovered images on the basis of file name type, size and date
  • Offers free technical assistance for 24x7 hours


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