How to Fix Pixelated Pictures in Photoshop

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On a low resolution image with high levels of pollution you can see noise clearly i.e. the image appears to be pixelated. Whenever a bitmapped image is enlarged beyond the actual size, the image details soften and appears like a pixelated distortion. Usually pixelation occurs when an image is viewed in zooming mode, as the individual pixels become visible.

In a good Photoshop image, the pixels shouldn’t be visible. But if it is visible, then the image is pixelated, which means it looks damaged or distorted. This is a problem if the Photoshop image is an important one. When you need it for a presentation, and when you zoom the image and it looks pixelated, then it is bad. You need to reduce pixelization or remove it from the image in Adobe Illustrator without compromizing with its high quality.

So let’s see some of the methods by which you can fix pixelated Photoshop image:

Method 1: Reduce Pixelation in Image with Adobe Photoshop

  • Open Photoshop application and go to File menu
  • Select Open and choose the pixelated image
  • Right-click on the photo and select Layer
  • Click on Create New Layer
  • Scroll up and reach Blending Options
  • Choose Soft Light
  • Next, scroll up to the Filter tab
  • Choose Noise and select Despeckle option
  • Next, reach Image by scrolling and click on Adjustments
  • Select Brightness / Contrast
  • Adjust it to reduce the pixelation in the image

Method 2: Reset the Performance

  • Launch Adobe Photoshop app and go to Preferences
  • Reset the cache value (from X) to the default value (which is 4)
  • Restart Photoshop and open the pixelated image now

These methods will help you to remove or reduce pixelation in Photoshop image to some extent. Sometimes, even these methods don’t seem to help to fix the pixelated PSD image. This indicates that the Photoshop image could be corrupted and needs to be fixed using a PSD Repair tool. Under such a situation, Remo Repair PSD Mac tool comes in handy to fix the corrupted image which is pixelated. It fixes the corrupt Photoshop file with all its attributes including Gaussian Blur, Brightness contrast, etc. without modifying the original image file that was prior to corruption.

Repair Pixelated Photoshop Image:

Remo Repair PSD is a professional tool to repair PSD files on Mac and Windows that can easily fix corrupted Photoshop images that is pixelated, in a quick and easy way. This tool works on all versions of Adobe Photoshop to fix the problem with PSD file. Corrupt, damaged, broken Photoshop images will be repaired in no time. Remo PSD Repair utility for Mac is a read-only application which doesn’t alter the original corrupt PSD file throughout the repair process.


Steps to Repair Pixelated Photoshop Image:

Step 1: Download and install Remo Repair PSD software on your system. Launch the application. Select the pixelated image to be fixed using Browse option.

Fix Pixelated Image Photoshop - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Click on Repair button to start repairing the pixelated image

Fix Pixelated Image Photoshop - Repair Process

Figure 2: Repair Progress

Step 3: Once the repair process is completed, you can Preview the fixed pixelated image.

Fix Pixelated Image Photoshop - Preview Rescued Items

Figure 3: Preview Window

Step 4: Save the Photoshop image onto any desired location using Save option.

Fix Pixelated Image Photoshop - Save Files

Figure 4: Recovered PSD File