Repair MOV Error 2048

If you encounter "Error - 2048: Couldn't open a file because it is not a file that QuickTime understands" when playing MOV file, use Remo Repair MOV software to fix the error. Remo Repair MOV is a reliable video repair tool that fixes corrupted MOV, and MP4 files in just three clicks. Get the free demo version now to fix your corrupt MOV file!!!

Reliably Fix MOV File Error 2048

Error 2048 in QuickTime MOV files refers to ‘movie atom not found’. The movie atom, also referred as moov atom is a data container that holds all the vital information about the corresponding video file such as timescale details, display resolution, duration and other characteristics. It also contains sub-atoms which hold other data such as all track information, etc. about the movie file.

General errors causing 2048 errors in a MOV file:

  • Mostly the occurrence of error message 2048 in MOV files is due to codec misuse of the QuickTime files such as misnaming the movie files.
  • It is not uncommon for a MOV video file which is being downloaded over internet to be broken / incomplete
  • Modifying or converting MOV videos to another file format can cause the MOV video file to get corrupt and inaccessible by QuickTime movie player
  • A QuickTime MOV which is infected with viruses or malwares can easily corrupt the MOV video file
  • Interruptions while accessing MOV files such as power outages or disruptions or ending the process while transporting MOV files from one location to another can result in MOV file header corruption
  • The MOV video file can get corrupt or damaged while performing deleted data restoration using any third party applications
  • Downloading the MOV files over a faulty client server can sometimes corrupt those files making them inaccessible to the QuickTime media players
  • Use of unauthorized third party softwares to access or enhance the video files can corrupt those files beyond recognition
  • Zipping or unzipping errors faced with MOV files can make them corrupt and inaccessible

There are several other unknown errors that can cause corruption to a MOV file. Let’s primarily focus on how to repair MOV error 2048 and how to bring back inaccessible .mov files using the appropriate tool for this action. But before that get to know if your other MOV files are corrupt and need assistance as well by noticing these symptoms of a corrupt MOV file:

  • The audio - video data of the MOV video file is out-of-sync: meaning the sound and its corresponding video does not match the appropriate timeframe
  • The MOV video file freezes all of a sudden or you’re unable to fast-forward or rewind a portion of the video during movie play
  • Sound plays normally but there is no video data means the video file is corrupt leading you in fixing MOV error 2048
  • The video is playable on a Mac computer but it refuses to play on a television
  • The video file which is stored on any medium occupies certain amount of data but it shows a zero playtime
  • On all these and more occasions, you can be sure that the MOV file is corrupt and needs attention in order to repair MOV error 2048

Repairing MOV error 2048 using Remo Repair MOV:

All these and more errors can be reliably fixed if you have the right tool to repair corrupt MOV files. Remo Repair MOV is one such tool that can effectively repair MOV error 2048 and other errors that cause a MOV to get corrupt. This tool is widely used by professional as well as basic home users to fix unplayable MOV on QuickTime player, as it repairs corrupted or damaged MOV file by retaining its original video quality. Performing MOV error 2048 fix with the help of Remo Repair MOV tool provides an uncompromising and user friendly experience. In addition to this, you can utilize this video repair softwareto safely repair QuickTime error 2041 in just 3 simple steps on Mac OS X.


Steps to repair MOV error 2048 on Mac using Remo Repair MOV:

Step 1: Download and install Remo Repair MOV on your Mac PC. Browse the corrupt MOV file and click "Repair".

MOV Error 2048 Fix - Repair Corrupt MOV Files

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Once the repair process is initiated you shall view this progress screen. Wait for it to get completed.

Repairing MOV Error 2048 - Repair MOV Progress

Figure 2: Repair Progress

Step 3: Preview the fixed video file and all its contents by playing a portion of the fixed video using "Preview repaired file" option.

Fixing MOV Error 2048 - MP4 Repair Preview

Figure 3: Preview MOV Video

Step 4: Use "Save repaired file" option to finish the repair process and to save the file on any desired location.