GoPro Video Repair Tool

GoPro videos got corrupted, and not working? Then, fix them with the free Remo MOV Video Repair tool with ease. Download the Remo MOV Repair Tool for free, and fix your corrupt GoPro MP4, and MOV video files in three quick steps. Download now!!!

Know How to Repair GoPro Video on Mac

GoPro Cameras are extensively used by hobbyists and professionals for video photography. Most of the people use it for recording special moments of life like adventures, trekking, etc. as it capture video in high definition quality. It has a number of amazing features like lightweight, durable, waterproof and mountable in unusable places that differentiates the camera from others. Though, it has terrific characteristics but even footage recorded using GoPro camera are also prone to corruption which leads to inaccessibility.

Prevalently seen reasons for GoPro video file corruption on Mac OS X

Let us go through a scenario like, you have captured some video on GoPro camera but that became unplayable due to some error at camcorder side. The video file may be captured by taking heavy risk. This is really a frustrating moment right? But you don’t have to worry anymore, as you are at the right place. When these GoPro video files get corrupted and are not able to play on Macintosh machine, you can use Remo Repair tool to repair GoPro video and make it playable again. There are so many factors why a GoPro file could go corrupted such as audio-video synchronization failure, external threats, codec issue, etc. and such videos will not play in any media players.

Some common factors that damaged the GoPro videos

  • When the memory of the GoPro camera is full and if you record any MP4 video then they are chances of video damage.
  • Your video file might get corrupted if you have stored that big MP4 file on poor quality storage card.
  • Due to any external threats if the header of your GoPro video is corrupted then you cannot play that MP4 file.
  • When transferring videos from external drive to Mac OS or vice versa. In this case removing the card in abnormal way leads to corruption.
  • To play videos on different media players changing its file extension regularly may corrupt the video file.
  • If any interruptions like power failure occurs while recording some footage causes damage to that video.

Tool to repair corrupt GoPro Video Files - Remo Repair MOV for Mac..!

Remo Repair MOV is the only reliable tool for completely repairing damaged video files generated by GoPro digital camera on any Macintosh platform without modifying its original contents. The robust and advanced repair mechanism makes it a perfect tool for fixing GoPro video files, which have become corrupt, broken or inaccessible. The utility comes with a friendly user interface that gives directions to the users to use the program in simple way and also you can contact us anytime if you face any problem while installing the Remo Repair on your Mac system. For Windows OS, use this version of Remo Repair AVI for Windows.

How Remo Repair software works?

You can fully trust and rely on an award winning tool Remo Repair which is one of the most powerful software’s available online to repair GoPro video on Macintosh machine in an easy and accurate way. The program effortlessly fixes any severely corrupted, unplayable, inaccessible or damaged MP4 as well as MOV files irrespective of its size with some simple steps. It is capable of fixing video files that are corrupted due to any error occurred at GoPro camcorder firmware or storage device quickly. The utility separately fixes the audio file and video file of damaged GoPro video and then adjoins them to make a playable file. The other version of this software named Remo Recover can be used to recover deleted GoPro videos in case if your important GoPro video files are deleted or lost in certain circumstances.

Repairs MP4 video of all file types like images, videos, audios, documents with different file extensions from any HFS/HFS+ file system based volumes. It supports video files captured using portable devices such as smart phones, camcorders, cameras, etc. The tool gives the preview of the repaired GoPro video files before restoration and you can play fixed videos in any player on Macintosh based platforms. This software supports Mac OS X 10.10 including all versions like Mavericks 10.9, Mountain Lion 10.8, Lion 10.7, Mac OS X 10.6, etc.


Steps to repair GoPro video using Remo Repair MOV:

Step 1: Download and install Remo Repair MOV on your Mac computer and select the drive that contains the corrupt GoPro video and hit "Repair".

How To Fix Audio Video Out Of Sync MP4 - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now, monitor the repairing progress bar. Wait untill the tool completes the repairing process. This may take up some time

Fix Audio And Video Out Of Sync MP4 - MP4 Repair Process

Figure 2: Repair process

Step 3: Once the epair process gets completed, you can preview or play a portion of the repaired video file to check the efficiency of the tool prior saving

Repair Out Of Sync MP4 - MP4 Repair Preview

Figure 3: Preview Repaired Video

Step 4: Use "Save Repaired file" option to save the File on any specific location.