Repair Cycorder MOV File

Cycorder is a tool for recording videos on the iPhone, the jail broken one. Videos recorded using this app are claimed to be of much better quality as opposed to the iPhone’s default video recorder app. This is largely because Cycorder app makes use of a compression technique called MJPEG, which actually is the same technique employed in most of the modern point and shoot digital cameras. Another reason this app is pretty much popular is, this compression technique allows iPhone users to play the movie immediately after it has been recorded.

Cycorder app and the jail-broken iPhones:

The major drawback about jail breaking an iOS device is that, all App Store services and customer support will be withdrawn from that particular device as performing jail break to any iOS device is not officially encouraged by Apple. As the Cycorder app is only available for jail-broken Apple devices and it is not available in the App Store, it evidently has issues in it. Also the iPhone which is jail broken is viable to several kinds of factors that can cause MOV files to get corrupt, and also data loss.

There are a number of reasons for a Cycorder MOV video file to get corrupted:

A corrupt Cycorder MOV file means an inaccessible and unplayable on your Mac or any other platform. It is nothing better than a junk piece of data on your device. So what causes them to get corrupted? Following are some of the most probable answers to this question:

  • Conflicts between Cycorder apps and the default iPhone movie recorder app: All iOS device have its own video recording feature. Whenever a movie is being shot on an iPhone, the default app is first deployed for performing this task, and after a few milli-sec / micro-sec, the RAW data will be moved to the Cycorder application. During this process, there are huge chances for MOV files to get harmed which ultimately can corrupt the Cycorder MOV file.
  • Unsupported or weakly programmed video codecs used by the 3rd party media players: A jail broken iOS device allows you to install any third party apps that may are weakly programmed, malfunctioning, or may even contain malwares and virus. These factors may cause your Cycorder MOV files get corrupt or damaged.
  • Shooting movies at a higher frame rate: Recording movies at a faster frame rate can affect the MOV video files. Cycorder is one of the tools that can increase the speed of video capturing. Due to this, sometimes the .mov files may get harmed

Efficiently repair Cycorder MOV files on Mac:

You can now repair Cycorder MOV Mac which is corrupted by the most trusted MOV repair software – Remo Repair MOV. This HD video repair tool Mac proficiently repairs all kinds of HD videos of MOV and MP4 file formats created using Cycorder apps recorded using any iPhone variations. It replicates the source MOV video file and then performs the repair process on that extracted video file to avoid any further hard of the source video file. You will require a healthy MOV file for reference purpose. Additionally, the software will also fixes MOV file error 2048, error 2041, and other errors with MOV & MP4 video files while playing in QuickTime Media Player. Below are the instructions provided below for performing corrupt / damaged Cycorder MOV file repair.


Instructions for repairing Cycorder MOV files on Mac using Remo Repair MOV:

Step 1: Download and install Remo Repair MOV on your Mac.

Repair Cycorder MOV File - Repair Corrupt MOV Files

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the drive that contains the cycorder .mov file and click “Next” to begin repair process.

How to Repair Cycorder MOV Mac - Repair MOV Progress

Figure 2: Repair progress

Step 3: Preview the fixed MOV file and all its contents after the completion of repair process using "Preview repaired file" option.

Cycorder MOV File Repair - MOV File Preview

Figure 3: Preview MOV Video

Step 4: Use "Save repaired file" option to finish the repair process and to save the MOV file on any desired location.