Fix AVI Files on Mac

Fix AVI files on Mac

AVI file not opening? Playing abruptly? This can be very frustrating as it might be your family video, favorite movie, your first seminar clip, etc. Well, here is good news!!!  You can repair AVI files on Mac with all such issues at your fingertips with Remo Repair!!! The tool repairs almost all the issues of AVI files.

AVI stands for Audio Video Interleaved files and perhaps the most preferred animation file, which was originally developed for Windows platform but now it also supports Mac OS X. These are generally used for short video clips over the internet as videos with this format won’t stream much. AVI files use compression schema also called as codec. However, there are separate audio and video streams, but while playing it combines both and play it as single file. Moreover, videos with this format are crystal clear and have high sound quality. But!! In spite of all its advantages it can’t escape data loss and get corrupt or turn inaccessible. There are various reasons for corruption, due to which AVI files refuses to get open on Mac system.

Sharing on unsecure network: Every AVI file has a head and tail section which keeps information about the next section. At times, while sharing over an unsecure network there are possibilities that either head section or tail section information might get alter. This change may become a cause for corruption of AVI file on Mac.

Incomplete download: Usually all the movies, videos tutorial are downloaded from internet which has AVI file format, but due to poor internet connection or interruptions while downloading AVI file there are chances that it might get corrupt or broken and result in inaccessibility.

Other issues: There are possibilities that AVI file get corrupt when you attempt to play it in a media player which is not supported by AVI file. Apart from this changing the AVI file extension and trying to open may also trigger corruption issues.

Useful tips that might help you in future:

  • Make sure your system is well protected with suspicious programs and data using a updated and legal antivirus
  • Use UPS power backup to avoid interruptions during downloading of AVI files
  • Always make use of media player that support AVI file format

Minimum effort Maximum results – Remo Repair..!

In spite of all these precautionary measures AVI files do get corrupt on Mac system and make you suffer hard time. But not anymore, with Remo Repair you can mend broken, corrupt and inaccessible AVI files instantly at your fingertips. You can easily fix avi mac with header corruption, crc errors, etc in few simple clicks with Remo Repair. Designed with trouble-free and easy to understand GUI you can repair corrupt AVI files on Mac effortlessly. Built with superior fixing techniques and the software can mend severely corrupted AVI files on Mac. Since its only read software, it won’t alter original source code of processing AVI file.

Other stunning features of Remo Repair!!!

  • It can repair avi file Mac os that are severely corrupted / damaged in quick span of time
  • The tool mends both audio and video streams simultaneously and accomplish task in few simple steps
  • Its responsive and detailed user interface helps in fixing AVI video on Macintosh machine like Mac desktops, laptops, etc
  • The software fixes unplayable AVI file on Mac to make them play smoothly again
  • Well matched to mend broken AVI videos on external HDD, flash memory cards, USB drive, etc
  • Apart from mending AVI files on Mac software can mend DIVX and XVID video file
  • Works exceptionally well Mac OS X versions like macOS High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion, etc

Simple and easy steps to Repair AVI file on Mac:

  • Launch the software by double clicking on the icon after downloading and installation gets complete
  • Browse and select for corrupt AVI file that needs to be repaired and click on “Repair” button
  • Software scans the file as repair process in progress
  • On completion of repairing process, preview the repaired AVI file description using Preview option
  • Finally you can save the fixed file on a secure location of your Mac machine

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