Recover Formatted Seagate Backup Plus on Mac

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

How to recover formatted Seagate Backup Plus data on Mac

Need help..! I accidentally formatted my Seagate Backup Plus on Mac system. I had stored each and every bit of information related to my project in it, scratch to the end. Unfortunately it was the only storage drive that contained my project information. I am out of my mind, since I need to submit the project and its details within span of two-three days. The only option left with me is to redo the entire project, which is near to impossible as it took a complete year to finish my project. Above all I don’t know how to recover formatted Seagate Backup Plus data on Mac. Please suggest me a simple and quick way to restore files from formatted Seagate Backup Plus on Mac OS X. Thanks in advance.

Well it’s very frustrating, that after working hard for days and nights you end up losing important data by formatting your Seagate Backup Plus drive. This small mistake makes all your hard work useless. But still there is a ray of hope, since formatted Seagate Backup Plus data recovery on Mac is achievable using a professional Mac data recovery tool.

Before that lets look at the scenarios in which Seagate Backup Plus drive gets formatted:

Severe virus infection: There are high chances that your Seagate Backup Plus drive might get infected with dangerous virus elements when you download files and folders from unsecured website or install any non reliable third party tool. These suspicious programs might turn your Seagate Backup Plus drive inaccessible resulting in data loss

OS reinstallation: In order to reinstall operating system you need to format the hard drive, which will erase all the data. However, performing this without taking necessary backup will result in data loss and put you in a situation that you never want to be in

Wrong partition formatting: This type of slip does happen when multiple hard drives are connected to your Mac. In some swinging mood you might select the wrong hard drive that contains your vital data and format it that will result in data crisis

System error: At times on starting your Mac system you get multiple error pops that restricts your access to Seagate hard drive data. This can be the outcome of some internal system issues or due to generation of unmaskable system interrupts, which force you to format your Seagate Backup Plus and lead to data loss.

How to retrieve formatted Seagate Backup Plus data on Mac OS X?

After observing all the above mentioned scenarios one might think that formatted Seagate drive recovery on Mac is not possible, as formatting will wipe entire data permanently. But fact is it won’t..! Formatting process doesn’t remove data from Seagate Backup Plus drive permanently, till overwriting is done. However, it will create a new file structure and erase the index pointers of data present on the drive, because of which operating system mark it as free space. Moreover, recovery of formatted Seagate Backup Plus on Mac is never too late until your formatted data is not overwritten, but “how to recover Seagate Backup Plus formatted data on Mac”? Well to accomplish this task, all that you need to do is opt for Remo Recover Mac. It is best in its class and helps you to get back data from formatted, reformatted and repartitioned Seagate Backup Plus drive in few simple clicks. Below section highlights some of the outstanding features of Remo Recover.

Striking features of Remo Recover..!

  • Restores files, folders and other type of data from formatted Seagate Backup Plus drive on Mac systems with utmost ease
  • Formatted Seagate Backup Plus Mac recovery can be done on all versions of Mac operating system
  • Supports recovery of Seagate formatted hard drive with HFS+, HFSX and FAT file systems
  • Loaded with modern and effective recovery modules, tool can extract data from serious data disasters 
  • Remo Recover is designed particularly for Mac users, where recovered files can be viewed in Mac file finder style


How to recover formatted Seagate Backup Plus data on Mac?

Step 1: Download demo version of Remo Recover and install in on your Mac system. Now select "Recover Drives/Volumes" option as shown in figure 1 in order to recover formatted Seagate Backup Plus data on Mac.

Recover Formatted Seagate Backup Plus on Mac - Main Window

Figure 1:Main Window

Step 2: Proceed and select "Formmated/Reformatted Recovery" option as illustrated in figure 2.

Formatted Seagate Backup Plus Data Recovery on Mac - Select Formatted/Reformatted Recovery

Figure 2: Select Formatted/Reformatted Recovery

Step 3: Now select the Seagate Backup Plus drive

Restore Files from Formatted Seagate Backup Plus on Mac - Select Drive

Figure 3: Select Drive

Step 4: After successful scan, select the recovered files and save it back to a desired location

Recovery of Seagate Backup Plus Formatted Hard Drive - Recovered Data from Formatted Seagate Backup Plus

Figure 4: Recovered Data from Formatted Seagate Backup Plus