Recovering music files from iPod Nano

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Music file recovery from iPod Nano on Mac…!

Mistakenly deleting music files from your iPod Nano can be very painful, especially if deleted music files are one which you persevered from long time. It really hurts as you might have taken days or months to create that classic collection of your favorite music on iPod Nano and deleting it accidentally will realize your mistake.

Luckily, recovering music from iPod Nano is possible with suitable iPod recovery tool. But you should remember few points while selecting iPod recovery tool, as a wrong selection of software might overwrite the files and result in permanent deletion. For your convenience some of the points are mentioned below to know before using any software:

  • Review pros and cons of recovery tool
  • Choose a software that is certified by a good and reliable antivirus
  • Make sure that software is compatible with Mac OS and iPod version from which you want to recover media files
  • Estimate recovery results by downloading and using demo version of software

Scenarios for losing music files from iPod Nano:

Losing songs while transferring: In order to transfer songs or other media files from iPod Nano to Mac system, you connect it Mac machine using USB cable and synchronize your iPod Nano to your computer. Unfortunately, you may encounter errors while transferring music files due to incorrect synchronization which leads to loss of music files from iPod Nano.

Accidental use of Restore: Restore / factory reset option on iPod Nano is to help user if they mess up with settings as it restores iPod Nano to its default setting and erase changes. Sadly this will delete all user data too and using it accidentally results in loss of entire data along with your loved music files from iPod Nano.

Error message: Error message like “Drive not formatted do you want to format it now” or “device failed to recognize the file system” can become another cause for losing songs and media files from iPod Nano, as it makes iPod inaccessible and force you to format it. This leads to data crisis by erasing complete data from iPod Nano.

Best software for iPod Nano song recovery – Remo Recover!!!

Yes, Remo Recover is the perfect choice for retrieving lost music files from iPod Nano on Mac as it is particularly designed for Mac users and supports almost all current and upcoming versions of Mac OS X. Developed by team of experts software is ranked high in its class and accomplishes 100 % music file recovery from iPod Nano on Mac with utmost ease. It’s simple and detailed user interface let you to restore iPod Nano song files on Mac OS without any help from technical professionals. Get this deleted video recovery softwae free download and installation on your Mac and check out its features practically.

Remarkable features of Remo Recover software are:

  • It can easily recover MP3 files from iPod Nano on Mac which are lost or deleted due to software conflicts and other data calamities
  • Well matched to recover multimedia files from iPod Nano, Classic, Shuffle and Mini
  • Using signature search the software can retrieve music files from iPod Nano on Mac and support more than 290 different file types
  • Get Back songs from iPod Nano along with other data like videos, images, etc using this superb tool
  • Displays recovered music files in Mac finder style, once recovery process gets complete

Follow these steps to recover music file from iPod Nano on Mac:

Step 1: Install the demo edition of the Remo Recover on your Mac system. Connnect your iPod Nano and launch the software. Main screen gets open as illustrated in figure 1. Select "Recover Photos" option in order get off media files.

Recovering music files from iPod Nano - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now select the volume if iPod Nano, as illustrated in figure 2.

Get Back Songs from iPod Nano - Select Volume

Figure 2: Select Volume

Step 3: Software even permit you to select particular file type, if wish to, as illustrated in figure 3.

iPod Nano Song Recovery - Select File Type

Figure 3: Select File Type

Step 4: On completion of successful scanning process, the list of recovered music files from iPod Nano will be displayed.

Restore iPod Nano Song Files on Mac - Recovered Music Files

Figure 4: Recovered Music Files