Recovering Data from Apple Hard Drive

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Apple hard drive data recovery

Apple hard drive is also known as Mac hard drive, since it uses Macintosh operating system. It is one of the most preferred hard drive brands all around the globe. It comes with excellent read / write speed, has larger capacity to stock huge amount of data, due to which most the its users hoard their imperative data in it. But even Apple hard drives are not completely safe from data disasters, and might make you suffer unpleasant things. These things can be very horrifying and stressful at times and put you in a situation, where you get stuck between what to do and what not to do. Relax..! No need to get tensed as you can tackle this deadlock situation and get over it using a commanding recovery tool that will help you to recover hard drive data from Apple laptop.

But being an Apple hard drive user, one should be well aware of the reasons that may result in data loss from Apple hard drive.

Creation of bad sectors: There are many possibilities that, due to over use of hard drive bad sectors get created on it. However, bad sectors are the inaccessible areas on the hard drive that are created due to excessive rubbing of read / write head.

User slip-up: It’s the most common and frequently occurring scenario wherein user deletes the data and invites the trouble. It may happens that you select some of the files to copy and instead of selecting copy you select delete button and lose essential data.

Boot sector error: Boot sector of any hard drive is a very sensitive section where all the necessary files are present that are responsible for loading an operating system. And occurrence of any error or undesirable modifications made to this section may result in hard drive corruption.

Formatting unintentionally: Many times formatting wrong drive may put you in some trouble. Suppose you connect an external hard drive to system, but mistakenly format Apple hard drive that is your system’s drive, instead of external drive and face data loss.

Things to remember..!

  • Be careful while performing operations like deletion, formatting and reformatting
  • Don’t try changing file system or repartitioning of drive unless you are completely aware of it
  • Do keep a copy of important files and folders to deal with sudden data loss
  • Use authenticated and reliable tools

Full-fledged recovery of Apple hard drive…

No matter, whether your Apple hard drive is corrupt, inaccessible or you deleted files on it, you can recover lost data from Apple hard drive employing Remo Recover. As software is completely power packed with excellent features and strong scanning algorithms that enables you to retrieve lost data from Apple hard drive after severe data disasters. Remo Recover has simple-to-use user interface that helps a beginner to perform Apple hard drive data recovery on his/her own. However, there are number of features to talk about such as “find” option, which will help you sort particular file type from the list of restored data and many.

Some Acme of Remo Recover..!

  • Does a deep drive scan and recovers files from Apple hard drive using unique signature style
  • Recovering data from Apple hard drive is possible on almost all versions of Mac
  • It can also be used to recover data from hard drives of other brands, since it supports all popular hard disk brands
  • Data recovery from crashed apple hard drive and from other disasters can be done with utmost ease
  • Once recovering of data from Apple hard drive is complete, you can preview the recovered data using Preview option


Recovering Apple hard drive data using Remo Recover:

1: Download and Install the free demo version of Remo Recover and launch the software to get main screen as illustrated in figure 1.

Recovering Data from Apple Hard Drive - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

2: Select the Apple volume / drive from which data is to be recovered as illustrated in figure 2.

Recovering Data from Apple Hard Drive - Select Drive

Figure 2: Select Drive

3: Software start scanning process, which may take few minutes to get complete, after which list of recovered data from Apple hard drive will be displayed.

Recovering Data from Apple Hard Drive - Recovered iMac Data

Figure 3: Recovered Apple Data

4: To avoid scanning of the drive / volume in future you can use Save Recovery Session option that will save the current process for your Apple hard drive.

Recovering Data from Apple Hard Drive - Save Recovery Session

Figure 4: Save Recovery Session