How to Recover Photos from Fujifilm Camera?

Quick solution to recover lost, deleted or formatted photos from Fujifilm digital camera. Give it a try and restore your JPEG, RAW (RAF format), RAW + JPEG image files from Fuji camera/camcorder in just a few simple clicks.


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How Can I Recover Photos from Fujifilm Camera?

Almost all Fujifilm cameras provide a convenient way of storing the clicked photos by using removable memory cards like SD cards, micro SD cards or SSD. Since storing photos on removable memory device offers an easy way to share and store pictures. But, along with being a convenient means of data storage, memory cards are easily viable to data loss or accidental data deletion. For example, unintentional/accidentally formatting of the memory card while performing some other task or manually deleting photos from Fujifilm digital camera and so on.

Ways to Recover Photos from Fujifilm Camera:

The method to recover photos from Fujifilm camera memory card is similar to recovering data from any hard disk drive. As a matter of fact, the chances to recover photos from Fujifilm camera successfully are often higher comparatively provided that you have the right data recovery tool such as Remo Photo Recovery Software. The chances of data recovery on memory cards are higher because memory cards tend to have less storage capacity compared to the external hard disk drives and files on the memory cards are generally not fragmented and they tend to contain a similar type of data i.e. pictures and video files.

Recover Photos from Fujifilm Camera with Remo Recover:

Remo Recover is an extremely powerful and efficient photo recovery tool that can undelete photos from Fujifilm camera at an instant! How does this tool work? Any file which is deleted or lost, irrespective of the cause for data loss, is not permanently erased from the SD card of the Fujifilm digital camera. The files present on the same SD card/memory card as long as that space is overwritten by any new file. And, Remo Recover tool detects such files and restores them in just a few simple steps.

With Remo Recover tool, you can easily perform photo recovery from Fujifilm camera and recover deleted or missing photos of file formats like JPEG, RAW (RAF format), RAW + JPEG, etc. from the camera or its external memory card at ease. You can restore Fujifilm camera photo directly by plugging the camera to a computer or by connecting the camera’s memory card to the system using a card reader. Moreover, it supports all models of Fujifilm camera like X10, X20, X-Pro 1, XP20, A600 and more.

So, here are the instructions to perform Fujifilm camera photo recovery on Windows as well as Mac OS X in an effortless way.

Steps to Recover Photos from Fujifilm Camera:

Step 1: Connect the Fujifilm camera or its memory card to the system using a USB cable/card reader. Launch the Remo Recover wizard and click on Recover Photos button to recover photos from Fujifilm camera.

Restore Photos From Fujifilm Camera - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Next, select the Fujifilm drive from where you wish to recover lost or deleted photos and begin the deep scanning process.

Undelete Photos From Fujifilm Camera - Select Volume

Figure 2: Select Volume

Step 3: Once the scanning process is completed, you can view a list of recovered photos in two different views: File Type View or Data View.

Fujifilm Camera Photo Restoration - Recovered Photos

Figure 3: Recovered Photos List

Step 4: Preview and Save recovered photos from the Fujifilm camera on the computer hard drive.

Fujifilm Camera Photo Rescue - Save Recovery Session

Figure 4: Save Recovery Session

Common Causes for Loss or Deletion of Photos from Fujifilm Camera:

  • Fujifilm camera/camcorder memory cards can get damaged if they are handled incorrectly causing data loss. For instance, improperly ejecting the SD cards, removing and reinserting the SD card frequently from the camera, using the memory card on various platforms like cameras, phones, card readers, etc.
  • Cameras powering off abruptly due to low battery or any other reason while the photo is being captured or processed
  • Ejecting the memory card while the photo or video is being captured or processed
  • Removing the memory card from the camera or from a card reader while ongoing transfer process can cause photo deletion or corruption
  • Handling and editing the files on the camera while the files and folders are open on a computer or vice versa
  • Clicking pictures or shooting videos while the camera battery is almost dead can cause data deletion/corruption on its device
  • Using the camera to capture images while its memory card is full can also cause data deletion from that memory card

Note: It is always recommended not to use the Fujifilm memory card for any other purpose like adding new files to it, formatting, reformatting etc. if any data has to be restored from it.


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