Raid 0 Missing Partition Recovery


RAID 0 creates one logical disk with set of multiple or identical disks, and the major reason why most of the industries prefer RAID levels is because of the throughput which makes the server or computer work faster. However one special feature of configuring RAID is, it make sure there is no interruption in between the processing of data when there is hard disk failure, thus due to this there is no need to worry about data loss. But due to some drastic situations all the data from RAID 0 disks will get lost eventually.

What are the probable solutions for lost RAID 0 partitions?

Loss of partitions in RAID 0 is very rare, but when this occurs it can create havoc on your computer. However, recovery of data from lost partition can be easily performed with the help of various techniques. Some techniques involves user to manually do the task but at the same time you can make use of data recovery tools which can efficiently retrieve data without any difficulty.

Though there are countless number of data recovery tools which exist, but choosing the right one is very important for performing appropriate data recovery. However most of the experts suggest Remo Partition Recovery (Mac) to be the effective data recovery program to perform recovery of lost RAID 0 partition.       

Factors responsible for loss of RAID 0 partition

It is not always the computer which can be blamed for data loss because when a user incorrectly configures RAID partitions then there are chances of losing entire partition. This happens when the user is not well versed with the things such as sector of hard drive, Master Boot Record (MBR), Track 0, file system cluster, information block etc.

Moreover there are some situations, where you can find your RAID 0 disk to be corrupted, thus situations like MBR errors, issues with disk (disk failure), malfunction in computer, inappropriate settings and various others can eventually result in loss of entire data.  

How Remo Recover (Mac) can be helpful for you?

  • Supports different kinds of hard disk such as SATA, IDE, SSD, SCSI and others, additionally capable of recovering data from hard drive having various file system like FAT16, FAT32, HFSX, ExFAT and HFS+
  • The tool is not much sophisticated, thus due to this any beginner user can easily accomplish the task without any difficulty, and this is possible with the help of user interface which can make the things understand very easily
  • It can recover various kinds of files such as videos, audios, documents, images, application files, system, files, archives and various others
  • It supports data recovery from Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mountain Lion, etc.    
  • Consumes very less amount of memory for getting installed on your computer thus, there is no need to get worried about decrease in performance
  • Not only supports recovery on RAID 0 but can also support recovery on RAID1 and RAID5 arrays. Furthermore, it has the ability of recovering data from formatted drives, crashed drives and many others
  • Capable of recovering deleted files from Mac Terminal and data from different storage devices such as flash drives, memory cards, external hard disks, etc.
  • Recovered data can be viewed once the data is successfully recovered by this software, this is possible by making use of “Preview” option    


Steps to achieve lost RAID 0 partition recovery on Mac

Step 1: Install free downloaded demo version of Remo Recover Mac edition and run the software. On Main Screen, select "Recover Volumes / Drives" option as illustrated in figure 1.

Recover Lost Mac Partition - Main Window

Figure 1:Main Window

Step 2: In next window, select "Volume Recovery" option as displayed in figure 2.

Recover Lost Mac Partition - Select Volume Recovery

Figure 2: Select Volume Recovery

Step 3: Software will display the storage drives that are available on your Mac PC / laptop. Select lost volume as indicated in figure 3.

Recover Lost Mac Partition - Select Hard Drive

Figure 3: Select Drive

Step 4: After successful completion of scanning operation, a list of recovered data from lost RAID 0 partition will be displayed which is as illustrated in figure 4.

Recover Lost Mac Partition - Recovered Data from Lost Partition

Figure 4: Recovered Data from Lost Partition

Step 5: Make use of "Save Recovery Session" option to avoid re-scanning of hard drive.

Recover Lost Mac Partition - Save Recovery Session

Figure 5: Save Recovery Session