Formatted Mac Recovery

How to Recover Formatted Mac OS X?

Data loss after formatting Mac computer is common among Mac users. Once this happens, no matter what the reason is behind formatting; data from Mac OS is lost! You might have all your purchased movies, videos, treasured music, memorable family pics, business documents, emails and other important data in Mac hard drive. Losing such a crucial collection just because of a operation like formatting Mac system may really make you worried. However, it is not an end of your year’s hard work. You can continue with your entire selected data even after formatting if you take help of a good recovery tool. For mac recovery after format, Remo Recover Mac is the best approach to recover formatted Mac drive. Remo Mac format recovery software is powered with a sophisticated mechanism that makes it an expert tool for easy and effective formatted mac recovery without any data loss.

Formatting is a basic operation that is performed before hard drives are put in to use. However, sometimes formatting is done not just to save new data on drive but due to various other reasons. Reasons could be different for such undesired crisis but after formatting the result is same i.e. loss of entire data from Mac drive. Let us have a brief discussion on some selected scenarios where Macintosh users format their Mac machines.

  • Users may format Mac hard drive, if they want to make it free from useless data and prepare it to store new files
  • During re-installation of an OS, user may format the entire hard drive in spite of formatting a particular Mac volume
  • Forced format operation to get rid of problems like boot failure, Apple Partition Map corruption, catalog file corruption, missing crucial system files, etc.
  • Accidental formatting while performing hard drive volume management operations with Disk Utility

When you format or re-format a Mac hard drive, all references (size, location details, file name etc.) associated with files are removed from index table but the file remains there in hard drive sector. Therefore, you can unformat Mac data from formatted Mac by utilizing a proficient utility that is Remo Recover Mac.

Useful Tips:

  • Always maintain backup file of important data and keep this file in different storage drives.
  • Before formatting a drive be sure that there is no any important file present in the drive.
  • You can mark important files as “Read Only” to avoid accidental deletion.

Powerful Features of Remo Recover Mac!

  • Best tool to restore data Formatted MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and all iMac OS X (including OS X Leopard) based machines
  • Helps you in recovering data from formatted / reformatted / deleted / HFSX, HFS+, FAT16 and FAT32 hard drive volumes/partitions
  • Recover deleted, formatted and missing hard drive volumes on Apple Mac
  • Supports Mac data unformat from hard drives, USB drives, memory sticks, SD card, iPods, FireWire devices and many other storage devices
  • Retrieves lost data from unmountable drives
  • User can have a preview of recovered data from complex data loss situations on Mac styled interface after you succcessfully recover Mac after format



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