Recover Formatted Partition Mac

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Learn how to recover formatted partition Mac OS X

Hard drives are one of the key parts of a computer system. It is hard to imagine a computer without a hard disk. This storage device is durable and provides a huge amount of memory to store operating system and other personal files. Generally, in every computer people prefer to divide their hard disk and use. These divisions are called as hard disk partition in Windows and volumes in Mac computer. By forming hard disk partition, you will be able to maintain the data, in an organized way.

 Suppose, think you are a professional and you generally maintain a backup of your professional documents on your personal computer as well. In such a case you can form four partitions and save all the files related to work in one partition, personal files in one, operating system in the third partition and other files like your favorite collection of songs in the last partition. This does not mess up your files and you will be able to recognize and retrieve your required files quite easily. Yet, at certain times, due to certain accidents, one might end up losing huge amount of data due to accidental partition format.

Let me take a common instance, where you end up in formatting your Mac partition. While working on your Mac machine one day, suddenly your computer started behaving abnormally. You tried fixing it in many ways, but everything turned to be unsuccessful. Finally, you made up your mind to reinstall the Operating System. While performing the process, by mistake you selected the wrong partition for formatting. After system booting you found that the partition in which you had stored your valuable files is empty. How will you handle this kind of situation? The only way to get back your files is through recovery. Here you have Remo Recover, which can easily recover formatted partition Mac in a secure way.

Circumstances that lead to formatted partitions on Macintosh:

Upgrading File System:  Files system is the most vital part of a storage device. Like Windows, even Mac partitions are installed with a file system to organize and manage the saved files. While updating such files system to higher versions, user can accidentally end up formatting the wrong partition and lose large number of files from Mac

Resizing Partition errors:  At certain times, you encounter situations where you need some extra memory space on a particular partition. To get the free space, you may try performing resizing of existing partitions. If you carry out the resizing process in a wrong manner, there might be chances of data loss due to wrong partition formatting.

Accidental formatting: Human are prone to commit mistakes. When performing a complicated task like reinstallation, you may select the wrong drive for formatting. As a result of this you may lose large amount of data from the formatted partition.

In order to prevent yourself from all these above data loss situations, you must follow some precautions mentioned below

  • Take backup of your essential files in a external storage drive
  • Avoid use of third party tools to perform reformatting or resizing process on Macintosh partitions.

During all these situations, you can take aid of Remo Recover to restore formatted partition Mac efficiently. This tool equips advanced algorithms that can scan your drive and perform Mac formatted partition recovery with ease. Using this software, you can accelerate recovery process on all latest version of Mac like Mac Leopard, Mac Snow Leopard, Mac Lion and Mac Mountain Lion.

In additional to these, it equips a preview feature that enables you to see the content of the recovered files, before you restore it back to the system. This can be used to recover partition after format with its simple intuitive interface with just only 3-4 mouse clicks. So, get the software immediately and take advantage of with amazing features


How to recover formatted partition Mac?

Step 1: Download demo version of Remo Recover and install in on your Mac system. Now select "Recover Drives/Volumes" option as shown in figure 1 in order to recover formatted partition Mac.

Restore Formatted Partition Ma- Main Window

Figure 1:Main Window

Step 2: Proceed and select "Formmated/Reformatted Recovery" option as illustrated in figure 2.

Formatted Partition Mac Recovery- Select Formatted/Reformatted Recovery

Figure 2: Select Formatted/Reformatted Recovery

Step 3: Now select the partition that you formatted

Mac Restore Formatted Partition- Select Hard Drive

Figure 3: Select Partition

Step 4: After successful scan, select the recovered files and save it back to a desired location

Formatted Partition Mac OS X Recovery - Recovered Data from Formatted Partition

Figure 4: Recovered Data from Formatted Partition


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