Recover FAT32 Partition Mac – Simple and Quick

Updated on September 10, 2020

If you are trying to recover deleted or lost data from FAT32 Mac volumes, Remo Recover for Mac is the best suited tool for the job. By integrating cutting edge scan algorithms with streamlined user interface, Remo created simple yet most robust recovery tool for your Mac. Just click on the download button and to start recovering data from FAT32 volumes on Mac.


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Can fat32 be read by Mac?

Yes, a 100% yes Mac flawlessly supports Fat32 file systems. Which, is why majority of the brand new external hard drives are by default formatted with Fat32 file system. Which also means that you can definitely recover data from Fat32 volumes on your Mac.

How to Recover Fat32 Volume on Mac

Any existing Mac volume with FAT32 file system can be formatted by using the built-in Disk Utility tool on a Mac system. Formatting a volume completely wipes off any data currently stored on that volume. Hence before formatting or re-formatting any volume, the first thing is to make sure a backup of all important data from that volume is done. However, if you did not feel any need to create a backup of that volume or you were not able to backup the data due to any reasons at the time of formatting the volume, you would have lost all its contents after formatting the volume.

You can still recover FAT32 partition Mac data unless and until a new volume has been created or formatted in the earlier volume’s place. Recovering Mac FAT32 partition data is probable is because of the following reason: When the Disk Management utility deletes a volume from the main disk drive, the volume's file system boot sector gets erased, that is, sector 0 of the drive. Then the Disk Management utility erases the volume entry from its private region database, leaving rest of the volume’s content unharmed. As the FAT32 file format volume stores backup boot sectors, data recovery FAT32 partition is possible by just restoring the boot sector.

If a new volume has not been created in place of the formatted volume and if any new data is not written on that volume, you can restore FAT32 partition Mac data using a powerful formatted volume recovery tool called Remo Partition Recovery for Mac. Read on to know how this software helps you to retrieve FAT32 partition Mac data without losing any of the important contents from that volume.

Steps to Recover Fat32 Volume on Mac

Step 1: Download and install Remo Recover on your Mac system and launch it to open main screen. Select "Recover Volumes / Drives" option.

Restoring FAT32 Partition MAC - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select "Volume Recovery" option from the next screen.

Restore FAT32 Partition MAC - Select Volume Recovery

Figure 2: Select Volume Recovery

Step 3: Select the physical drive from where the partition is to be recovered and click "Next".

Retrieve FAT32 Partition MAC - Select Drive

Figure 3: Select Drive

Step 4: Once the recovery process is completed, the list of recovered partition data shall be displayed.

MAC FAT32 Partition Recovery - Recovered Data

Figure 4: Recovered Data

Step 5: Click "Save Recovery Session" option for saving the entire recovery process.

Recovering MAC FAT32 Partition - Save Recovery Session

Figure 5: Save Recovery Session

Benefits of using Remo Recover for Mac utility:

Performing Mac FAT32 partition recovery using Remo Recover for Mac utility has many benefits. It can recover data even from re-formatted or re-partitioned Mac volumes with ease. It is so powerful and effective that you can even search for lost FAT32 file system partitions and recover all data from that volume. Apart from retrieving data from FAT32 type partitions, this tool can be used to recover data on different types of Mac file system formats such as NTFS, NTFS5, HFS and HFS+ file system format partitions. No matter if the volume from which you wish to recover data is a victim of Bad Sectors as Remo Recover software facilitates data restoration on volumes having Bad Sectors by creating disk images to perform complete data recovery. This is efficient data recovery software as it can scan and recover data from more than 300 different kinds of file formats without any hassle. So there’s no risk of missing any important data while performing data restoration on a particular volume. You don’t have to be an expert with high technical knowledge to perform data recovery from a formatted Mac volume as this tool is easy to use. Follow the below mentioned steps with respective screen images to perform formatted partition recovery on Mac.