Recover Deleted PNG Files

Restoring Deleted PNG Files from any storage device of any brand is now safer and easier using Remo Recover software. All you need to do is - Install, perform recovery and save your recovered PNG / other files back.

What is a PNG file and how to access it?

A PNG file, shorthand for Portable Network Graphics is a file format with image and graphic compression techniques supporting lossless file compression. The PNG being the most used lossless image compression file format over the internet, is projected to completely replace GIF file format in near future. The PNG file format is regarded as a lossless compression technique as it can completely restore all image content when the image is decompressed while viewing it. Choosing a PNG file format over a GIF for image accessing has many befits such as controlling opacity, supported interlacing, faster developing, Gamma correction, multiple save options and more.

Recover deleted PNG files on Mac:

File deletion and corruption on all computers is on a high these days considering the amount of computer usage and its vulnerability to all kinds of malicious stuffs the files are exposed to. To top the list, unintentional file deletion is the most common data deletion action amongst regular office and home users. Having a reliable third party file recovery software such as Remo Recover as a standby to address these occasions is not a bad idea. This data recovery software is like a boon in these circumstances where you have the need to restore deleted PNG or other files back to your volume as well as perform other file optimizations.

Remo Recover software’s advanced features and specifications:

  • Restore deleted PNG files or other missing files from different partition and volumes of Mac
  • Recognizes more than 300 different file formats to help you recover almost all types of files that are deleted
  • Recover deleted PNG files using advanced file search functionalities of Remo Recover such as searching deleted contents on the basis of Date created, file format type, file name and file size
  • Works on all Mac supported memory devices such as external Hard disk drives, USB sticks, memory cards, iPods, CD-DVDs, all flash memory devices, etc.
  • Recovers files from various Mac supported volumes or partitions such as HFS+, HFSX, FAT 16, FAT 32, etc.
  • A quick built-in file preview window in order to help you preview all recovered PNG files prior to completely recovering deleted PNG files
  • View recovered files in Mac OS X finder styled window to make your deleted PNG file restoration process less complicated
  • A hassle-free and supportive user friendly interface to enable deleted PNG file recovery in few simple steps
  • A trial version with which you can scan, recover and as well preview all rescued PNG files before restoring it back to any Mac supported volume

Scenarios leading to file deletion on Mac computers:

  • The most common file deletion action comes from accidental file deletion by either using default delete option or by using Command + Delete options
  • Unknowingly emptying the Trash folder with important files and folders on it
  • Sometimes third party software can cause files deletions while performing any actions
  • PNG files can get deleted as a result of Journal corruption on Mac computers
  • Sudden power outages or abruptions can cause the PNG file which is being accessed to get deleted or corrupted
  • Improper shutdowns and system crashes can cause files which are being currently accessed to get deleted or lost

Steps to recover deleted PNG files on Mac using Remo Recover software:

Step 1: Install Remo Recover Mac application on your Mac and launch it to see the home screen. Select "Recover Files" option to proceed further.

Deleted PNG File Recovery - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the drive from which you want to recover deleted PNG files and click "Next".

Deleted PNG File Restoration - Select Drive

Figure 2: Select Drive

Step 3: Once the recovery process gets completed, the list of recovered PNG files are displayed. Preview the files using "Preview" option.

Recovering Deleted PNG Files - Recovered PNG Files

Figure 3: Recovered PNG Files