Recover Deleted PDF Files

Recovering Deleted PDF Files on Mac

A PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format designed and developed by Adobe Systems is used to access documents independent from application, operating system and hardware. Each PDF file with file extension .pdf contains a complete description of a fixed layout document inclusive of text data, graphics, fonts and all other required information to be displayed. PDF file format is extensively used by professional as well as basic users for storing and sharing important work related documents, reports, images, etc.

Restoring deleted PDF files:

PDF files or any other files, once deleted using a normal delete action from a Mac computer are moved to a folder called Trash. You can easily recover deleted PDF files from Trash by opening the Trash folder and clicking on the Recover option. However in certain cases, the deleted contents bypass the Trash folder and get permanently removed from the computer. Cases such as using Command + Delete actions to delete files, erasing files using disk management tool or by simply removing the file from the Trash folder erases files permanently.

Other delete actions that permanently removes files from a Mac volume:

  • As mention earlier performing Command + Delete action removes that file permanently from the Mac as it is a command to bypass the Trash folder
  • In other cases, when the Trash folder is already full, the chances are that the deleted files or folders simply bypasses the Trash folder, meaning it gets erased permanently
  • If the files or folders which is being erased are larger than the allotted storage space for Trash folder, they directly get erased from the Mac computer’s volume
  • There are certain errors that can delete a file permanently such as file system corruptions, errors while transferring and so on
  • Sometimes it is possible that you are not able to access any files from Trash folder due to which, you cannot recover deleted PDF files

In these cases, one simply cannot recover deleted PDF files without any aid from a third party file recovery source. You will have to take help from a trusted file recovery tool such as Remo File Recovery in order to restore deleted PDF files. This software is specifically built to scan for permanently erased and particular type of file, such as a PDF, on any Mac or Mac supported volume and retrieve deleted PDF files instantly.

This is how Remo Recover software performs deleted PDF file recovery:

When it is said that any file is permanently deleted from a computer, it technically does not mean that that it is permanently removed from that drive. Only the path to access that particular file is removed from the computer keeping all the data intact. But as the path to access that file is missing, the operating systems fails to access or even recognize that file. Now here’s where Remo Recover software steps in. This tool scans for such files (in this case, PDF files), re-writes the path to access that file and makes it visible to the operating system. This process is what we call as data recovery. There are many advantages of using Remo Recover software which can be helpful in restoring deleted PDF files. You can recover over 300 different types of files which are deleted or lost using this tool on almost all Mac supported storage devices such as external drives, flash memory devices and more.

Steps to recover deleted PDF files on Mac using Remo Recover software:

Step 1: Install Remo Recover Mac app on your Mac computer and launch it to see the home screen. Select "Recover Files" option to proceed further.

Retrieve Deleted PDF Files - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the drive from which you want to recover deleted PDF files and click "Next" to begin recovery process.

Deleted PDF File Recovery - Select Drive

Figure 2: Select Drive

Step 3: Once the recovery process gets completed, the list of recovered PDF files are displayed. Preview the files using "Preview" option.

Restoring Deleted PDF Files - Recovered PNG Files

Figure 3: Recovered PDF Files