Recover Data from Unmountable SD Card on MAC

Wondering how to recover data from SD card that is not mounting on Mac? Straightaway download, and install the Remo Recover software that recovers, and allows you to preview the recovered files in its demo version itself. Try now!!!

Recover lost data from unmountable SD card on Mac!!!

SD flash memory cards are convenient source of carrying data or moving data from one computer to another or one device to another, as these are portable storage mediums. This is why, these are commonly used in digital cameras, mobile phones and other storage devices to hoard images, audios, videos, documents, etc., Today, you find many SD card manufacturers, who offer SD cards with different storage capacity, model and ensures your data security. But, when it comes to data security it’s occasionally seen that SD card turns unmountable and restricts access to data within. This inaccessibility can range from mildly annoying to catastrophic situation depending upon the data that it holds.

How SD card become unmountable?

Generally speaking, unmountable SD card can be referred to corrupt SD card. When it is connected to Mac system or loaded into device it fails to mount (fail to get detected). There are several unfriendly reasons that are liable for this upset such as, frequently formatting SD card when there is no necessity to do, virus attack on the SD card, use of same flash card in different gadgets, presence of unsecure data or application on the card, improper utilization of SD card, etc.

A real time scenario in brief:-

Consider you shot several hours of family video on occasion of your sister’s wedding with your digicam, which made use of SD card to store data. At the end of day you try to transfer it to your Mac system so that everyone can watch themselves on your larger Mac system screen. To do this you connect your SD card to Mac machine, but you are shown an error messages like "failed to mount", “card can’t be read’ or “unmountable flash card”. This might turn all your excitement into depression; you start thinking about what went wrong and realize that you ejected SD card from digicam while it was in use. You might start blaming yourself for this irresponsible act, but that isn’t going to help you in this regard? Well don’t worry since you can recover data from unmountable SD card on Mac using Remo SD Card Recovery Software.

Do’s and Don’ts respectively

  • Be careful while ejecting your SD card from device or computer and make sure you do use the right method.
  • In future storing a copy of important SD card data in a separate location will act like backup, so that even if something goes wrong with SD card you will have a backup
  • Do not try to format or reformat the SD card once you find that it’s unmountable, better stop complete usage of the SD card to increase recovery chances
  • Do not frequently move the portable flash card between devices as it might cause corruption; making it unreadable

Unmountable SD Card Recovery Software - Remo Recover!

Well it’s pretty simple than what it looks to be. All that you are required to do is employ Remo SD Card File Recovery software and retrieve lost data from unmountable SD card on Mac system in few couple of minutes. It’s a five stars rated software that can perform trouble free unmounted SD card data recovery on Mac, as it is built with commanding recovery modules. Software is crafted with well detailed user interface, because of which data can be easily recovered even by a non-technical user without any difficulty. Comes with many useful features such as Find, Add File Type, Preview which allows you to search files using file type, to add new file type and offers an earlier look of recovered data respectively. Check out more of the software features by downloading its trail version is available on internet for free of cost.

Why Remo Recover for unmountable SD card data recovery? 

  • Risk free recovery of inaccessible SD card data on Mac, since software is free from dangerous virus programs
  • Supports nearly all types of flash memory card such as SD card, SDHC, CF card, etc
  • Recovery of data from unmountable SD card such as images, audio files, video clips, text files, documents, etc can be done easily
  • Compatible with file systems like FAT32, FAT16, HFS, HFS+
  • Comes in free demo edition, and the users can preview the recovered files for free even before purchasing the license of the software
  • Works exceptionally well on all versions of Mac operating system like macOS High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, etc


Steps to recover data from unmountable SD card on Mac:

Step 1: Download and Install the demo version of the software on your Mac system. Connect SD card to computer and launch the software. Select recover photos in order to recover data from SD card as illustrated in figure 1.

Recover Data from Unmountable SD Card - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: Now you have to select the SD card as illustrated in figure 2.

Unmounted SD Card Data Recovery on Mac - Select SD Card

Figure 2: Select SD Card

Step 3: Once the recovery process gets complete, list of rescued data from unmountable SD card will be displayed as illustrated in figure 3.

Recovery of Inaccessible SD Card Data on Mac - List Recovered Data

Figure 3: List Rescued Data