Recover Data from Iomega Mac

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Retrieving lost data from Iomega drive on Mac

I am in deep trouble!! I accidentally deleted some of the very important files from my Iomega hard drive that I connected to my Mac system, sadly it was the only copy of data that I had. This is frustrating as all my work is held up because of this mishap. Adding to worst, I emptied Trash folder. Since I am not a technical person and don’t know how to recover data from Iomega on Mac, kindly help me to get over this uncomfortable situation by suggesting an easy and effective way. Thanks in advance!!!

Losing data accidentally is getting quite common these days, but the good thing is data recovery from Iomega disk on Mac is achievable with a suitable Mac data recovery tool. Nevertheless, Iomega drives are widely used around the world, since these offer data security and excellent performance quality. Despite of all its advantages, even these are vulnerable to data loss due to some unfavorable factors.

Some of the repetitive factors causing data loss on Iomega hard drive on Mac are:

  • Use of key combination "Command + Delete" or “Command-Shift-Option-Delete” after selecting files from Iomega drive on Mac machine may result in data loss
  • Can restore data from Iomega hard drive on Mac like images, audios, applications, documents, videos, etc   
  • Formatting or deleting important data while formatting or erasing the unimportant ones
  • Utilization of third party software to carry out tasks on Mac might make entire Iomega drive corrupt and result in data loss
  • Reformatting or repartitioning Iomega hard drive on Mac without securing data leads to data disasters
  • Disconnecting externally connected Iomega drive from Mac system while data transfer is in process
  • Unwanted changes made to file structure of Iomega disk on Mac or other internet nasties  might make Iomega drive inaccessible

In order to maximize the possibilities of data recovery from Iomega hard drive on Mac, don't use it anymore after noticing data loss. Do not copy or save new files to Iomega drive, it’s better to put it away until you carry out recovery process.

How to get back lost data from Iomega Mac?

In order to simplify Iomega data recovery Mac process, industry experts designed Remo Recover. This software comes with simple and uncomplicated user interface, which will assist in completing trouble free Mac Iomega data recovery. With this tool, you can easily recover deleted files from SD card, external hard drive, pen rive, USB flash drive, and other popular data storage devices on Mac in short span of time, as it is integrated with modern recovery features. Besides for lost Iomega Mac data recovery, you can make use of this wonderful software to recover data from other brands of hard drives like Seagate, ADATA, Transcend, Hitachi, etc. Free version of software is available on internet to estimate the chances of data recovery from Iomega disk on Mac.

Extra features of Remo Recover!!!

  • Scans entire drive in blink on eyes by employing its smart scanning engine
  • Saves system resources and user time by performing Iomega Mac drive data recovery in short span of time
  • Supports file systems like HFS, HFS+ and FAT
  • Software is capable of retrieving lost data from Iomega drive on Mac from all severe data disasters
  • Comes with useful features like Find, Preview, Save Recovery Session options


Easy steps to execute Iomega hard drive data recovery on Mac:

Step 1: Download and Install the demo version of the software on your Mac machine. Launch the software to see the main window with three options as illustrated in figure 1. Click on "Recover Volumes/Drives".

Recover Data from Iomega Mac - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: In order to recover data from Iomega select the suitable option and proceed as illustrated in figure 2.

Iomega Mac Hard Drive Data Recovery - Select Option

Figure 2: Select Option

Step 3: After selecting recovery option, on the next screen you have to select Iomega drive as illustrated in figure 3.

Mac Iomega Data Recovery - Select Iomega Drive

Figure 3: Select Iomega Drive

Step 4: Once the recovery process gets over, the list of recovered data from Iomega Drive, will be displayed as illustrated in figure 4.

Data Recovery from Iomega Disk on Mac - List Recovered Data

Figure 4: List Recovered Data