Recover Data from iMac

Lost vital data such as financial documents, photos, videos or file folders on iMac? Download Remo Recover Pro Edition for Mac to perform secure iMac data recovery in 4 simple steps. You can preview all the recovered data live prior to buying the software.

How to Recover Data from iMac?

iMac is a modern device that comes with fast processing speed, unlimited space to store your stuff and with modern GUI which is incorporated with ultra advanced features and graphics. It’s is a member of Mac desktop family that has smart sleek design. Working on iMac is an awesome experience, as it is built in with set of eye catching app’s. However, in spite of all these tremendous features data from iMac might be lost without your knowledge, due to some logical problems and user blunders and make you suffer brutal data loss. Unfortunately there are many users who know how to use iMac, but don’t know how to recover data from iMac, when they suffer data loss. Not to worry..! For such kind of users, data recovery engineers developed recovery tools and by using Remo data recovery free software, one can restore lost data from iMac with ease.

Mac is considered as a leader in manufacturing computers software and equipments and iMac is one of the most popular product of Mac, but at times you come across data crisis. Reasons may are many for this, lets witness a common scenario.

Scenario that may result in data loss from iMac...

Think of a scenario wherein you are working on your iMac and mistakenly you delete some of the important files in haste. After this, you suddenly search those files in trash. Unluckily you fail to find those files in Trash, as deleted files may have bypassed the Trash. Other factors would be formatting your iMac system without taking the copy of necessary data, corruption of iMac volumes, deletion of data after performing Antivirus scan, etc.

How iMac data recovery is possible?

Many of the iMac user wonder, when they are told that they can restore lost iMac data. As it is assumed that lost data from iMac can’t be recovered, but fact is that by deleting any data on your iMac you just delete the pointer to that file which is responsible for its access. Because of which, even the Mac Operating System makes the memory free for new data to be saved and data become invisible. However, this invisible data can be retrieved easily using recovery tool, if the lost data is not overwritten. So it’s necessary that lost or deleted data should be protected from being overwritten and for that just remember points that are mentioned below:

  • Further usage of iMac computer should be stopped suddenly
  • Re-installation of OS, formatting, reformatting, etc. should be avoided
  • Running Antivirus software and other non reliable tools should be avoided
  • Do not instal the recovery software on the affected drive or hard disk

Note: Do not waste more time after data loss, as it may reduce the chance of complete recovery. And go for Remo Recover.

Pioneer recovery tool – Remo Recover..!

Remo Recover is the best recovery tool to recover lost data from iMac. It is designed by most experienced professional and equipped with best of the recovery procedures, because of that it can retrieve iMac data from severe data situations. Software ingeniously scans the entire hard drive and recover deleted photos from iMac including different types of files using File formats. There are many wonderful features provided by Remo Recover. Add file type is one such exciting feature of software that help you add new file format to software database, if find that is missing. However, software is smart enough to locate and recover 290 file types from Mac versions like Mountain, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, etc.

  • Supports iMac recovery from all iMac and Macbook models
  • Works on all previous and newer Mac OS X operating systems, including the latest one
  • It’s user friendly interface makes recovery easy
  • Recover iMac data from formatted, inaccessible and unmounting iMac volumes
  • Apart from iMac help you recover deleted data from Mac desktops, pen drives, external drives and other flash drives  
  • Allows you to retrieve iMac data from different file systems, as it is compatible with file systems like FAT16, FAT32, HFS and HFS+
  • Authorize you to get a prior look at the rescued data before saving it, by offering "Preview" option


Instructions to recover data from iMac:

1: Download and Install the demo version of Remo Recover and launch the software to get main screen as illustrated in figure 1. Select "Recover Volumes/Drives" option.

How to Recover Data from iMac - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

2: After choosing suitable option you need to select the volume / drive from which data is to be recovered as illustrated in figure 2.

How to Recover Data from iMac - Select Drive

Figure 2: Select Drive

3: Scanning process may take few minutes to get complete, after which list of recovered data from iMac will be displayed.

How to Recover Data from iMac - Recovered iMac Data

Figure 3: Recovered iMac Data

4: In order to avoid scanning of the drive / volume in future you can use Save Recovery Session option that will save the current process.

How to Recover Data from iMac - Save Recovery Session

Figure 4: Save Recovery Session