Repair QuickTime MOV File No Video

Learn how to fix QuickTime MOV video file when playing only sound but no video by using Remo MOV Repair tool. Get the free MOV Repair tool by clicking on the below download button and fix your QuickTime MOV file that is not playing video in three quick steps. Download and try now for free!!!


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QuickTime MOV File No Video Repair

QuickTime is Apple Inc.’s official multifunctional multimedia tool for playing and editing videos, music, animations, texts and various interactions. Most of video and audio file formats and real time video streaming is supported by QuickTime.

MOV is a multimedia video file designed and developed by Apple Inc. for storing and sharing multimedia files like movies and videos. A basic MOV file is equipped contains tracks which hold a particular kind data like video, audio, text (subtitles), etc. This data is stored in a file system called Atoms. The MOV files with file extension .mov can be accessed by Mac, Windows and Android operating systems. A MOV file being the famous video file format, often faces scenarios wherein the MOV files are inaccessible or corrupt.

The most common types of MOV file corruptions are listed below:

This document could not be opened. The movie’s file format isn’t recognized’.

The movie could not be opened. This is not a movie file”. This error note generally is displayed when the movie or video is improperly shot from other cameras and played using Mac’s QuickTime player.

moov atom not found”. This is a quite common error note faced while trying to open a corrupt MOV file

Some known symptoms of a corrupt MOV file:

  • Sound plays properly but there is no video play
  • The audio and video data of the MOV video is out-of-sync
  • The MOV video freezes all of a sudden during movie play

There is no such error that can’t be fixed. All you need to repair QuickTime MOV file no video error is an appropriate MOV repair tool.

Main causes for MOV file corruptions that lead you to repair QuickTime MOV file no video error:

  • Editing MOV files using iMovie or any third party tool can too cause MOV file to be unable to play or corrupt
  • It is common for a MOV video file that is being downloaded from internet to be broken or incomplete
  • Altering or converting MOV video, at worst, can render the MOV file to be corrupt and unrecognizable by QuickTime
  • Viruses and malwares can easily corrupt a MOV video file
  • Interruptions like power outages and disruptions or closing the application while transporting the MOV from one location to another can corrupt the MOV file
  • The MOV video may have got corrupt while performing data recovery using any third party software

Remo Repair MOV - Tool to fix QuickTime MOV file with no video:

Almost all errors in the MOV files are fixable including fixing QuickTime MOV file no video errors. You just have to act wisely and carry out proper repair action accordingly to fix QuickTime MOV file no video errors.

First of all, try to play the inaccessible MOV file using another OS and other video players. If the MOV video file still refuses to open, you have to make use of a third party tool like Remo Repair MOV in order to perform QuickTime MOV file no video fix. It is a widely recommended MOV repair tool for Mac computers. It has a record highest success rate of repairing QuickTime MOV file no video error with any other MOV repair tool in comparison. You can fix all corrupt MOV files irrespective of the cause for corruption using Remo Repair MOV tool without any hassle. Also, MOV videos from an external volume can be attached to the Mac computer to get them rapidly fixed. Suppose, if your important QuickTime video files are lost or deleted, then you can utilize the other version of this software i.e., Remo Recover tool to recover QuickTime files on Mac OS X with utmost ease.


Steps to repair Quicktime MOV files playing without video using Remo Repair MOV tool:

Step 1: Download and install Remo Repair MOV on your Mac PC.

Repairing QuickTime MOV File No Video - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now select the drive that contains the corrupt MOV files and click on “Next” buton to begin scanning process.

Repairing QuickTime MOV File No Video - repair progress

Figure 2: Repair progress

Step 3: After the completion of repair process, preview the fixed video file and all its contents using "Preview Repaired File" option.

Fixing QuickTime MOV File No Video - Repair Preview

Figure 3: Preview / Save MOV File

Step 4: Use "Save repaired file" option to finish the repair process and to save the file on any desired location.