PDF Recovery Mac

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Recovery of PDF Files on Mac

“I accidentally deleted my much needed PDF files on my Mac system, in order to create space for new files. I quickly had a look in the Trash folder, but could not find any one. I desperately need those files back as I use to refer those files for my daily work and after data loss, I am feeling bit hard to carry out my day today work. Please suggest me a right way. So that I can perform PDF recovery on Mac and restore all my data without any experts help”.

When you lose data in this sort of circumstances you start blaming yourself, as your little act of ignorance may become a reason for headaches. But, is that gona help you in recovering your deleted PDF documents? Of course not..! Then what’s to do? First of all clam down and stop blaming yourself, because your mistake can be corrected with the help of a secure Mac PDF file recovery tool and you can rescue yourself from unkind data loss scenario.

PDF documents are the most valued one as these are used for preparing report, any official work, project thesis, etc. But due to several unexpected and unmanageable reasons, you may lose PDF file. Some of the factors are mentioned below:

Situations after which you might need to perform lost PDF file recovery on Mac..!

  • Switching off Mac computer suddenly when PDF files are in use
  • Interruptions while PDF documents are moving / copying from external media to Mac system, due to power surge
  • Deleting PDF files from Trash folder by emptying it or using command, option and delete button
  • Use of unauthorized and non reliable third party application
  • Incorrect disk defrag process might result in loss of PDF files
  • Hard drive corruption, unwanted change in file system, etc also contribute to same

However, it’s never too late to carry out Mac PDF recovery on your Macintosh until lost PDF files are protected from getting overwritten. Read the next paragraph to know more.

Must know:

Whenever a PDF file gets deleted or lost from Mac computer, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be recovered. Even though, operating system allocates space for new data, but deleted files still remains on the same location of the memory till it gets overwritten. However tasks like adding new files, formatting, repartitioning, etc might overwrite the data, because of which it is suggested not to make use of Mac system after data loss.

Magnificent Mac PDF recovery tool – Remo Recover..!

Remo File Recovery is the first choice for many of the IT and non IT Mac users to recover their lost, deleted and missing data from Mac system. Software is particularly designed for Mac system users and loaded with superb recovery techniques using which software can retrieve lost PDF files on Mac from severe data disasters. This wonderful tool examines the drive completely and recover PDF files on Mac along with other files. You can even sort the recovered PDF files after completion of PDF recovery on Mac using PDF file extension (.pdf) from the list of recovered data.

Some eye catching features of Remo Recover..!

  • Allow you execute deleted PDF file recovery on Mac in an easy and simple way, due to its trouble free GUI
  • Recovery of PDF on Mac from un-mounting, corrupt and inaccessible drive is possible
  • You can make use of this software to recover deleted PDF files from pen drive, memory card and other USB drives
  • “Add File Type” feature of Remo Recover will authorize you to add / edit new file format to software data base
  • Supports nearly all versions of Mac operating system


Steps to execute PDF file recovery on Mac..!

Step 1: Install and run Remo Recover for Mac software on your Mac machine and select “Recover Files” option from the main screen.

PDF Recovery Mac - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: On the next screen select option that suites your data loss secnario and proceed with recovery process.

Recover PDF Files on Mac - Select Option

Figure 2: Select Option

Step 3: Then select volume from where you want to retrieve lost PDF files and click “Next” option to begin scanning process by software.

Mac PDF File Recovery - Select Volume

Figure 3: Select Volume

Step 4: Once the software completes scanning you can view list of recovered PDF files in two types of views which are "File Type View" and "Data View".

Recovery of PDF on Mac - Recovered Files

Figure 4: Recovered Files

Step 5: Finally you can save recovery session to avoid rescanning of volume in future.

Retrieve Lost PDF Files on Mac - Save Recovery Session

Figure 5: Save Recovery Session