No Audio in AVI File Mac

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

AVI File Unable To Play Audio in Mac

A downloaded movie in AVI file format that is not playing audio is quite disgusting considering data and time spent on downloading it. Similarly, a collection of videos in AVI file format got corrupted due to reasons unknown and it’s unable to play properly. If you are in any similar situation and curiously looking forward to fix no audio in AVI file Mac errors and to find out what caused this error, well, this page is for you. Read on to know what caused an AVI file to get corrupt and how to fix no audio in AVI file Mac errors.

Situations that can completely corrupt or cause no audio in AVI file Mac errors:

  • Improperly sharing AVI files can easily corrupt an AVI file
  • Power outages while accessing AVI files or transporting them from one location to another improperly can cause AVI file no sound in Mac or other errors
  • Physical impact to the Hard Disk Drive or CD / DVD can corrupt any data that is stored on it
  • Untrusted third party applications that are accessing AVI files can spoil them
  • Converting AVI video file to any other file format or any disturbance during the conversion process can sometimes corrupt the AVI files
  • Errors in headers of the AVI file can cause AVI file unable to play sound in Mac or other errors
  • Downloading AVI files over the internet that are incomplete or broken makes the file inaccessible
  • Errors and pauses during downloading AVI files and receiving AVI files over faulty client servers can corrupt them
  • Errors occurred while compressing / decompressing AVI files for transferring or storing purposes can corrupt those AVI files
  • Power outages and system crashes while handling AVI files can damage them
  • Weak programming in media players that play AVI files can corrupt them easily
  • Regularly moving AVI files from one platform to another- For example, from Windows to Mac or the other way round can damage the AVI files
  • There are few unknown reasons due to which the AVI files, all of a sudden turn inaccessible

Fix no AVI audio in Mac and other AVI errors using Remo Repair AVI tool:

Remo Repair AVI is a tool to repair files in AVI format especially designed to word seamlessly on Mac systems. It is a powerful and effective tool that scans for any errors in AVI files, effectively repair AVI file not playing audio Mac or other errors and makes them playable seamlessly while retaining its original audio and video quality. You can as well preview the fixed AVI files before saving it to any location. All this you can do with the trial version of Remo Repair AVI tool. You only need to use the full version of this tool one you’re totally satisfied with the outcome and are looking to save the repaired AVI files on to any location. Apart from repairing AVI files, this tool can be used to fix errors like audio video out-of-sync and other errors in corrupt Xvid and DivX files easily. Corrupt files on external hard drives can be directly repaired by connecting them to a Mac computer using Remo Repair AVI tool.


Steps to repair AVI file no audio error using Remo Repair AVI:

Step 1: Download and install Remo Repair AVI on your Mac PC and select the drive that contains the corrupt AVI files and hit "Repair".

Fix No AVI Audio In Mac - Browse Corrupt AVI

Figure 1: Browse Corrupt AVI File

Step 2: Once the repair process is complete, you can play a portion of the fixed AVI file using "Preview repaired file" option.

AVI File Unable To Play Sound In Mac - Preview Window

Figure 2: Preview AVI Video

Step 3: Save the recovered AVI video file to any desired location using "Save repaired file" option.

AVI File Not Playing Audio Mac

Figure 3: Save Repaired AVI File