Fix .mov File Format Error

.mov file format provides the basis for the MPEG – 4 file format, which is derived from the QuickTime format. The MOV is a framework designed and implemented by Apple and it works best with Apple QuickTime media player. The MOV works as a data container for multimedia files which contains several tracks for storing audio and video information along with texts and graphics data that is digitally encoded.

The MOV file can turn inaccessible when it experiences any hazardous situations that can manipulate the .mov file format in a wrong manner. You won’t be able to play the MOV file or the video plays abnormally when the .mov file format has errors. Read on to detailed instructions on how to perform .mov file format error fix process using Remo Repair MOV software.

Fixing .mov file format error using Remo Repair MOV:

This software is particularly designed for addressing corrupt and damaged MOV file formats irrespective of the reason that caused errors / damages to MOV files. Remo Repair MOV tool employs an effective mechanism to perform .mov file format error fix. When the repair session is initiated, the software makes an accurate replica of the original .mov file that has to be repaired and determines the issues that are not allowing the MOV file to play correctly.

Apart from performing .mov file format error fix, Remo Repair MOV can fix corrupt, damaged or broken video files of various file formats including MP4, MJPEG, etc. All Mac OS X versions are supported by this multi-platform video repair tool. The demo version of this software is absolutely free to use, which allows you to scan, fix and play a portion of the repaired MOV file using the built-in preview window of Remo Repair MOV. This feature greatly helps you to make sure the repaired file is working seamlessly before storing it back to any drive using the full version. So just download Remo Repair MOV tool to your Mac and start repairing MOV file format errors instantly.

Requirements to resolve .mov file format errors:

  • A healthy Mac machine running on any later versions of Mac OS X with minimum of 1 GB RAM
  • Remo Repair MOV software
  • The .mov file that is to be repaired
  • A media player preferably QuickTime or VLC to play the repaired MOV file

Repair MOV file format errors - Implementation:

1. Firstly, the Mac computer that you will be using to fix MOV file format errors must be in a healthy working state to enable the software to work up to its full potential to resolve the corruptions and damages

2. You need Remo Repair MOV installed on your Mac to initiate MOV file repair process. Find the download links on this page to download the software to your Mac and install it once the download completes

3. The MOV file that is to be fixed has to be stored on any of the volumes of the Mac computer. In case the MOV video was captured using a camera or an iPhone, you will have to copy it to your Mac

4. You will need a media player preferably QuickTime or VLC to play the MOV file once it is fixed. You can find the step by step instructions along with their respective screen-shots to fix corrupt .mov files using Remo Repair MOV


Steps to perform .mov file format error repair using Remo Repair MOV:

Step 1: Download and install Remo Repair MOV tool on your Mac and browse the .mov file using "Open" that is to be fixed.

Repair MOV File Format Errors - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Click on "Repair" button to initiate the repair session. You can select "Abort" if you wish to interrupt the .mov repair process midway.

Fix MOV File Format Errors - Repair Progress

Figure 2: Repair progress

Step 3: On completion of .mov file format repair process, you can play a portion of the fixed video using "Preview repaired file" option.

Repairing MOV File Format Errors - File Preview

Figure 3: Preview Repaired Video

Step 4: Use "Save repaired file" option to finish the repair process and to save the MOV file to any desired location on your Mac.