Mac Lion Data Recovery

Remo Recover is a complete & safe solution for carrying out Mac Lion data recovery. You can use it to securely restore lost or erased files such as images, documents, video, etc. from Mac machine or other portable devices.

Recover Mac Lion Data

Mac OS X version 10.7 Lion:

Mac OS X version 10.8 called ‘Lion’ was released in the year 2010, is the eighth major releases of Mac OS X. It introduced major interface and notification enhancements which is the best of iOS and OS X interface to give better performance and higher efficiency. This version on Mac OS X contains completely new Tablet - like features with cleaner interface, automatic file saving and file resume functions to make file sharing via iCloud and Cloud backup to keep data on Mac systems more secure. It also includes minor bug fixes and many other performance improvements over its earlier versions of Mac OS X.

Performing Mac Lion data recovery:

Data loss on Mac computer is a common situation people face while accessing data. Out of all data loss scenarios, data loss by accidental file deletion is very common. Accidental file deletion includes deleting file or folder from Trash, accidentally formatting a volume, etc. It is a mistake carried out by professional as well as basic home users of Mac computers. Other data loss action are due to various reasons like power outages while accessing data, improper data transfer, modifying files using third party softwares, etc.

Mac OS X has a built-in tool called Time Machine to secure data from various data delete actions by creating a backup all important files and folders and sometimes even the data from an entire volume. If you have enabled this feature, you can easily perform Mac Lion data recovery in case you should encounter any data loss scenario such as data loss due to system error, start-up disk damage, accidental data deletion and other similar errors. In case you’ve not enabled this feature or you are not able to use Time Machine option due to any reasons, you will have to perform Mac Lion data recovery using any reliable third party data restoration tool like Remo Free Data Recovery Software for Mac.

Mac Lion data restore:

You may lose data on Mac OS X due to any actions like accidental file erasure / emptying Trash / deleting a volume using Mac Disk utility / performing Drive Partitions / reinstalling Mac OS X, etc.

Whatever may be the reason behind data deletion, all delete actions just mark those files as free space available on the volume. The data is never entirely removed using a delete action, it’s just that the deleted file becomes inaccessible to the hard drive’s software. It can be retrieved using appropriate data recovery tools. Retrieve Mac Lion data can carried out with the help of a powerful data recovery tool like Remo Recover Mac.

Rescue Mac lion data with the help of Remo Recover Mac tool:

Remo Recover is a dedicated Mac OS X data recovery tool that enables you to efficiently recover data from all versions of Mac OS X. In case, if you have lost or deleted data from higher Mac version such as Yosemite 10.10 or any other, this is the right Mac OS X Yosemite data recovery software to get back your lost data in just few minutes.

Features of Remo Recover Mac tool:

  • You can perform Mac Lion data restoration even on inaccessible and corrupt Mac volumes
  • Retrieve any file from a Mac computer that fails to boot up
  • Retrieve files that are removed from Trash folder
  • Powerful data recovery technique in order to retrieve data from missing or deleted Mac volumes and as well as unmounting Mac volumes
  • A hassle-free user interface that allows you to preview all rescued data in Mac styled display
  • Retrieve files from all Apple supported memory volumes and from iPods / iPhones
  • You can view all rescued data using the demo version of Remo Recover Mac
  • Recognizes and recovers almost all kinds of file types to make data restoration on Mac efficient


Steps to perform Mac OS X Lion data recovery using Remo Recover tool:

Step 1: Download Remo Recover Mac edition and install it on your Mac computer. Launch the software to open Main Window and select the desired recovery option.

Mac Lion Data Restore - Main Window

Figure 1:Main Window

Step 2: The software will display the available volumes that are available on your Mac PC to perform data recovery. Select the volume from where you wish to restore data.

Retrieve Mac Lion Data - Select Volume

Figure 2: Select Volume

Step 3: After successful completion of data restoration process, a list of all recovered items is displayed. You can view the recovered data using "Preview" option.

Rescue Mac Lion Data - Recovered Data

Figure 3: Recovered Data List

Step 4: You can then make use of "Save" option to save the recovered contents to any location. (This option only available in full version of Remo Recover).

Mac Lion Data Restoration - Save Recovered Files

Figure 4: Save Recovered Files