Mac Gray Screen of Death Recovery

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Recovering Data after Gray Screen of Death

You might have observed gray screen on your Mac system, when its starts booting. Once the booting starts this screen disappears. However, there are times when the Mac machine gets stuck at this screen and fails to boot. Even after waiting for a long duration the Mac system still displays the gray screen. Such situations occurs when there is an OS crash or when your hard disk is undergone a physical damage. Are you able to hear some strange noise when your Mac system starts booting? Then contacting the hardware services can help you since the problem might probably be because of physical damage on hard disk parts. However, in other case gray screen of death displays accounting to certain scenarios. Don’t worry!! This page specially deals with the solutions for data recovery after encountering Mac gray screen of death.

Have you come across a similar situation like this? We have got a best solution for you on this page. Such situations happen when you carry out certain operations like partition size shrinking, forming new partitions or reformatting drive. After completion of these tasks, due to some unknown reasons that OS may display unallocated drive error as it will not be able to detect the file system. As a result of such conflicts, you will lose all the data saved on the particular partition/drive. You can utilize Remo Recover utility to recover data from unallocated drive in such events.

Events that cause Mac gray screen of death:

Remo Partition Recovery software is special programs that are designed to find all missing and deleted files from the drive and retrieve them for you. Wondering how deleted/lost files can be recoverable? Yes, file recovery is possible since OS removes only the file pointer upon file deletion. The file still resides in the same location. These recovery applications have the capability to identify your deleted or lost files and extract them back to you.

Buggy Hardware:  This is the most common problem in Mac computers. When you install a new hardware on your Mac, you might fail in completing the installation. Due to this, disputes might arise between different hardware, which causes errors on Mac system. These errors might cause gray screen of death on Mac systems.   

Invalid Memory Address:  Invalid memory address is one of the other reasons for gray screen on Mac. When the Mac systems boots, Boot ROM firmware is activated and loads operating system to initiate the booting.  If the Boot ROM is updated with any invalid address, it fails to identify the volume for booting and results in system inaccessibility error.

How to fix Mac gray screen of death?

1. Try to open the Mac system in Safe Mode
2. You can attempt rebooting by resetting the NVRAM/PRAM
3. Hold shift key while starting your system
4. You can also try using Command S and Command V keys when system is booting
5. Use the command fsck -fy

Still encountering the same problem? Do you have files saved on your Mac volumes that you don’t want to lose? Then utilize Remo Recover to perform Mac gray screen of death recovery. This software is incorporated with powerful programs that can find all the files from your Mac system and gets it back to you. You can run this tool for recovering data after gray screen of death on all popular versions of Mac like Mac Leopard, Mac Lion, Mac Snow Leopard and Mac Mountain Lion.

Try the demo version and restore data after gray screen of death on your Mac and estimate its results. This software can also be used to recover files from USB, external hard disk, memory cards, apart from internal hard disk. It has the capacity to recover any amount of data of any size.

Suggestions to avoid loss of files from Macintosh system:

  • Adopt the habit of taking backup of essential files
  • Don’t carry out complex operations on Mac, if you are not well aware of it
  • Use a UPS system to prevent hard disk crash


Steps to use this Mac gray screen of death recovery software:

Step 1: First download and install the software on your Mac system. Connect the hard disk externally on this system. Select "Recover Volumes / Drives" option as illustrated in figure 1.

Mac Gray Screen of Death Recovery - Main Window

Figure 1:Main Window

Step 2: Next select "Volume Recovery" option as illustrated in figure 2.

Recovering Data after Gray Screen of Death- Select Volume Recovery

Figure 2: Select Volume Recovery

Step 3: Now select the hard disk connected to your system on which you want to perform recovery as illustrated in figure 3.

Recovery Data After Gray Screen Of Death - Select Disk

Figure 3: Choose Disk

Step 4: Finally, after the scan select the files and restore it back as illustrated in figure 4.

Restore Data After Gray Screen Of Death- Recovered Data from Deleted Partition

Figure 4: Recovered Data