Recover Failed Logical Drive

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Retrieve Data from Logically Failed Hard Drive

A physical hard disk is divided into two or more sectors each one is known as logical drive. A logical partition is made to segregate various types of data from each other such as system related files or user data files. The enormous data stored in each logical drive is significant for both system and user, by chance any sort of failure is not acceptable or bearable. But failing of logical disk drive may happens due to various factors, resulting huge amount of data loss.

What is logical failure of hard drive?

It refers to non-physical failure which can be the easiest to fix or very difficult issue to deal with. Here, the file structure of the HDD gets damaged rather than physical damage to the hard drive. The rate of difficulty in recovering lost files depends on the circumstances that cause logical drive fail. Fortunately there are various failed logical drive data recovery applications available in the net that can easily tackle logical errors in the drive, but before attempting to get back files from failed hard disk, it's important to know why logical failure arise in the drive.

Most frequently noticed scenarios for logical hard drive failures are:

  • HDD fail to boot: The first sector of the hard drive includes MBR, that gives necessary information to the OS to boot. When this MBR gets corrupt and become inaccessible then hard disk will not boot.
  • OS errors: Sometimes, you may encounter errors in the Operating System or registry because of dreadful viruses, malicious programs, corrupt system files, etc. leads to logical failure.
  • Unintended data deletion: Unknowingly deleting, formatting, reformatting and partitioning the hard disk improperly cause file structure corruption and logical failure of hard drive.
  • Incorrect system shutdown: Terminating the computer either intentionally or mistakenly may damage the file structure of the HDD resulting inaccessibility of the drive.

Though all the above said logical failure can be recovered without opening the hard disk. Disappearing files, drive errors and speed of the system drastically gets decreased are all indication of imminent logical drive failure. When you experience this manifestation, first and foremost thing to do is backup your hard drive. But, if you are suffering from logical failure without having backup copy then make use of efficient third party drive recovery software to rescue your vital data. Remo Recover data recovery software will assist you to effortlessly recover unallocated hard drive, or to perform corrupted hard drive recovery, or to rescue files from failed HDD.

How to recover failed logical drive?

Remo Recover is an amazing toolkit exclusively designed to recover partition data after failure of logical drive. This utility is built with advanced disk scanning mechanism which deeply scans every sectors of the hard drive to retrieve failed logical drive's data which is deleted or lost. In addition to this, the application can also recover data from failed hard drive Mac and also get back data emptied from the Trash. This tool has the ability to create disk images which is an exact replica of the drive to evade bade sectors, so that later the data could be recovered by scanning those disk images. Easily recovers files from formatted SSD or re-formatted SSD's and hard disk drives. To avoid re-scanning of hard disk toolkit allows you to save recovery session and you can even save the retrieved file in compressed format to save storage space.


How to recover failed logical drive using Remo Recover:

Step 1: Install free downloaded demo version of Remo Recover application on your Mac OS X and launch the tool. Main Window gets open select "Recover Volumes / Drives" option as illustrated in figure 1.

How to Recover Failed Logical Drive - Main Window

Figure 1:Main Window

Step 2: From the next screen you need to choose "Volume Recovery" option, in order to recover data from failed logical drive as illustrated in figure 2.

How to Recover Data from a Logical Hard Drive Failure - Select Volume Recovery

Figure 2: Select Volume Recovery

Step 3: Toolkit quickly scan and show the available storage drives on your Mac machine. Select logical failed volume from which you want to retrieve data as illustrated in figure 3.

Recover Failed Logical Drive - Select Volume

Figure 3: Select Logical Volume

Step 4: After successful completion of scanning process, a list of recovered files from failed logical drive will be displayed to you as illustrated in figure 4.

Recover Data from Failed Logical Drive - Recovered Data from Corrupt Volume

Figure 4: Recovered Data from Corrupt Volume

Step 5: Make use of "Save Recovery Session" feature to avoid re-scanning of hard drive in future.

Retrieve Failed Logical Drive - Save Recovery Session

Figure 5: Save Recovery Session