How to Recover Lost Logical Drive?

Is it Good to Have Logical Drives?

To store vital data, hard disk is the most significant storage device which can easily store and manage huge amount of data. To organize and access data files efficiently, hard disk drive is divided into two or more sectors which extend the drives storage space and also hamper data loss disaster in case of OS crash. Creating multiple volumes increase speed of the system as you can install Operating System to the primary volume and all other stuff on other partitions.

The advantage of making multiple volumes turn out helpful in case of critical data loss situation; In such case you can format the volume on which the OS is installed. The other benefit is that you can manage the files easily by storing specific type of data on one logical drive.

Few frequently noticed scenarios that forces you to recover data from logical volume

Sometimes, when file system gets erased or damaged and become inaccessible to the user then the files stored on the volumes gets deleted. The volume might get erased or corrupted due to various factors such as:

  • Unplanned volume deletion: Using Disk Utility in Macintosh, you can re-size the hardware partitions. Most of the time, while repartitioning process you may mistakenly delete the volume.
  • Power failure: To manage and retrieve files easily, you create multiple logical drives. If system terminate abruptly due to power surge before this task is completed leads to loss of volumes.
  • Corrupt hard disk: When the HDD gets corrupted and crashed, certainly all the logical volumes stored on it becomes inaccessible.

Apart from the above said reasons, they are many other factors like virus attacks, partition table corruption, OS unable to read hard disk, etc. If any of these issues occur deletion of volume take place. Because of this known and unknown situations files present on the drive becomes inaccessible that creates certain hardships for the user who are very much dependent on these lost files. Now no need to worry, all your vital files are recoverable from deleted volumes using effective partition recovery app.

Superior partition recovery utility- Remo Recover....!

Remo Recover wizard is an application program designed by professionals for recovering lost or deleted logical volumes from the physical drive and get back missing data files from these specific volumes. With automated recovery technique, scans complete drive to find removed logical drive volume and restore lost data.

Nowadays in the market they are many partition recovery software for recovering PC partition. Among these recovery tools, Remo Recover is the most progressive and easy to use toolkit. This application give GUI environment so that any inexperienced user can use this program handily as well as the tech users. The application also get back data from all other possible scenarios of volume loss in Macintosh machine including accidental volume deletion, disk formatting, corrupt drive, etc. It aims to recover deleted volumes from different hard disk interfaces like IDE, SATA and SCSI.

Advanced features of this partition recovery software

  • Ability to recover variety of file formats like audio, media files, folders, compressed files and many more from lost or deleted volumes.
  • You will get clear idea about how to recover data from deleted volume when it is formatted, corrupted, and RAW.
  • Easily retrieve data from HFS and HFS+ volumes / drives and also from both internal and external hard disks.
  • Get back data from many portable gadgets like memory cards, USB drives, digital camera, pen drive, etc.


Steps to recover deleted logical drive by using Remo Recover:

Step 1: Download and Install the demo version of the program on your Mac PC and launch it to open the main screen as illustrated in figure 1. Select "Recover Volumes/Drives" option.

How To Recover Deleted Logical Drive - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Here, from the next window you have to choose "Volume Recovery" as illustrated in figure 2.

How To Recover Deleted Logical Partition - Select Volume Recovery

Figure 2: Select Volume Recovery

Step 3: From these display screen, select the physical drive from which partition is to be recovered as illustrated in figure 3.

How To Recover Lost Logical Drive - Select Drive

Figure 3: Select Drive

Step 4: Once the recovery process is completed, the list of recovered partition data will be displayed.

How Do I Recover the Deleted Missing or Lost Logical Drives - Recovered Data

Figure 4: Recovered Data

Step 5: You can save your entire recovery process via Save Recovery Session to avoide re-scanning of the drive.

Recover Data from Logical Drive - Save Recovery Session

Figure 5: Save Recovery Session