How To Recover Deleted Photo Booth Videos And Photos On Mac?

Updated On July 28, 2021

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Recovery Of Accidentally Deleted Data From Photo Booth

Photo booth is a media utility that is used to take pictures and record videos on your Mac Machine. This small application is supported by Apple lnc., which allows its users to add, edit and change effects to their photos and videos.

Irrespective of the importance of the projects created in this application. At times you may delete photos from Photo booth accidentally on Mac. If you are anxious to recover deleted photos or videos since they are priceless memories and collection of family videos, this article has the right fix.

Well the first thing that you should do is to stop further use of the Mac. Using the drive where you lost photos from the Photo booth might lower the chance of successful photo or video recovery.

How To Recover Deleted Photo Booth Photos and Videos On Mac?

Look Your Photo Booth Pictures In Trash

Photo booth photos, videos can be found in the Trash folder. If you accidentally deleted photos or videos from Photo booth application then follow the steps below to recover them with ease.

Note: Trash will keep the deleted photos or videos for 30 days or until you empty it.

Open Trash on your Mac. Select Photo Booth images and Right-click to open a new window. From the drop-down option, select Put back. The deleted Photo booth photos or videos will be returned to its rightful place.

How To Recover Inaccessible Photo Booth Videos and Photos?

By default Photo booth photos are saved in the 'Pictures' folder beneath the Photo booth Library. You may not be able to view photographs or videos in the app due to a technical issue, here are a few reasons for inaccessible Photo booth.

Why Photos Become Inaccessible In Photo Booth?

  • Malware attack
  • Abrupt shutdown while editing pictures or videos using a photo booth.
  • Accidental deletion of photos or videos.
  • Any interruptions while transferring photo booth files to other external devices.

If you want to recover inaccessible videos or photos from Photo booth, then follow the steps below to recover inaccessible Photo booth videos or photos.

From the Finder sidebar, go to Pictures > Photo Booth Library > Show Package Contents > Pictures. Check the Pictures folder to see if your pictures are there. Once you find the photos, save or take a backup of them.

Check The Shared Photo Booth Picture

You might have send photographs or videos from your Photo booth app via text messages, emails, or AirDrop. Check with friends and family to discover if the deleted Photo Booth photographs were shared with them. They might reciprocate by passing them on to you.

If you have not shared photo booth pictures or videos with the family then move to the next section of the article.

Restore Photo Booth Pictures From Time Machine

In Mac, Time Machine is a valuable backup tool. It will continue to take incremental backups of your system. From a Time Machine backup, you can inspect and restore Photo Booth photographs.

  • Connect the storage device that contains Time Machine backup to recover files from your Mac.
  • Navigate to User/Username/Pictures/Photo Booth Library.
  • Open the Time Machine icon. Choose a timeframe that contains Photo Booth photographs.
  • Choose Photo Booth Folder.
  • Select a location to save the photographs you want to recover.
  • And click on the Restore option.
  • Is It Possible To Retrieve Permanently Deleted Photos From Photo Booth On Mac?

    It’s possible, since deleted files are still on your Mac computer hard drive until you overwrite them with new files. Surprised you know this? Well it’s true!!! Fact is, when files are deleted or lost, actually the corresponding pointer to those files gets deleted, because of which the operating system marks the particular file space as free to save new data. But the original deleted data still remains in the same place and you can use photo recovery software to recover photos from PhotoBooth on Mac.

    How To Recover Deleted Videos Or Photos From Photo Booth?

    Since Photo booth holds priceless data such as personal photos, family videos and other media files, recovery of accidentally deleted, inaccessible, or Option + Command + Delete data from Photo Booth becomes essential. This software is developed with smart scanning engines and has the caliber to recover lost and permanently deleted photos or videos from Photo booth deploying a unique signature style. It can easily support more than 300 files and can recover them.

    Steps To Recover Deleted Photo Booth Files

    Step 1: Install and run Remo Recover on your Mac machine and select the Recover Photos option from the main screen.

    How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Photo Booth Files - Main Screen

    Step 2: Select Volume from where you want to restore files that are permanently deleted by you and click Next to begin the scanning process.

    Restore Accidentally Deleted Photo Booth Files - Select Volume

    Step 3: Once the scanning process is done you can view a list of recovered files in two types of which are File Type View and Data View.

    Retrieve Deleted Files from Mac Photo Booth - Recovered Files

    Note: You can save the recovery session to avoid rescanning of volume in future.

    Step 4: Finally, click on the Save option.

    Full-Fledged Features of Remo Recover

    • Highly effective to accomplish files recovery from Photo Booth when you can't find the deleted files on Mac Trash.
    • Can recover deleted or lost Garageband tracks with ease.
    • Helps you recover deleted photos from Photo Booth on all the versions of Mac OS X including the latest Big Sur.
    • Expert in recovering accidentally erased Pages documents, MS Office files, etc. from Mac.
    • Offers Find option that sort particular types of files using date, size, name and file format.
    • Preview option will assist you to get an earlier look of data before you save it on host computer

    Reasons For Losing Photos Or Videos From Photo Booth

    Since it’s clear that one can execute deleted Photo recovery software on Mac, unfortunately accidental deletion is not the only factor, as there are many others which result in the same and one should be aware of the other issues too. Therefore the next section will discuss some prevalent scenarios of losing Photo Booth files.

    • Repartitioning of volume: One may suffer loss of Photo Booth files on Mac, when repartitioning is performed without ensuring the backup, as repartitioning of volume will create the new file system and all the previous data will be erased.
    • Unsecure tools: There are chances that installation or use of unsecure tool may corrupt your drive, in severe corruption this may lead to deletion of photos, videos and other stuff from Photo Booth on Mac. One such example is the use of untrusted antivirus.
    • User mistake: One of the main factors for losing files from Photo Booth on Mac is users' slip ups. Since the most common one is mentioned i.e. accidental formatting. Apart from this sudden shutdown of Mac system, intentional formatting, reformatting of the Mac hard drive, etc may lead to same.