How to Recover Data from Formatted External Hard Disk?

Learn the most effective way to get back all important data from a formatted external hard disk drive using Remo Recover by going through this article. All detailed instructions of performing data recovery with the help of this tool are mentioned in the below section of this article. Further, find out why Remo Recover is safer and an appropriate tool for recovering all kinds of sensitive information from portable storage volumes.

Formatting External Hard Disk Drives

Formatting a storage volume is a method of removing all existing data and user settings on that particular removable media. It is generally done for the purpose of creating new file system on the volume, resolving errors on that drive, clearing junk data, etc.

For example, consider a situation that virus has somehow entered your external hard disk drive and some files in your device are badly infected by it. Rapidly, it is going to affect all other files on the external hard disk drive. Hence it is very essential to remove the virus contamination before it causes further damage. To do that, you may make use of an antivirus software to scan and resolve the files on the device. But if the data on the external hard disk drive is severely infected, the antivirus program may not be able to resolve the problem and you will have to reformat the hard disk.

Now once you format the hard disk drive, all data from it will get permanently removed. There may be some important files that you want to get back from the formatted drive. So how to get it back? The answer to it is nothing else but performing data recovery using a reliable data recovery tool. But there are a variety of tools available that provide data recovery solutions and choosing the right one is the most important task. Remo Recover is one such utility that has shown its reliability and performance time and again. Hence it is the most adequate software for performing data restorations on all types of data loss occasions. It is the one of the most preferred data recovery software for flash drives as well.

Remo Recover will retrieve files irrespective of the kind of portable storage device:

Remo Recover is the ultimate solution for all your file recovery troubles. It will efficiently recover data from all brands of portable hard drives, SD memory cards, USB drives, FireWire drives, camcorders, etc. with ease. There are separate versions of Remo Recover executing data restorations for Windows OS as well as Mac OS X. the software supports recovery of files and folders of more than 300 different kinds of file extensions. All these features of Remo Recover make it is one of the best and highly ranked data recovery softwares at present.

Some data loss aspects where Remo Recover can be implemented:

  • Unintentional file erasure: Accidental or unintentional file deletion is one of the most noticed causes of data erasure on all platforms, and Remo Recover is the best options in such situations
  • Data loss due to hard drive malfunction: If the external hard drive malfunctions or gets damaged due to any factors, data loss can occur on that volume, and Remo Recover can be helpful in restoring data back on that volume



Steps for recovering data from formatted external hard drive using Remo Recover:

Step 1: Install Remo Recover software on your Mac and launch the software. It will show the main screen with three options. Click on "Recover Volumes / Drives" option.

How to Get Back Files from Formatted External Hard Disk - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: On next screen, select "Formatted / Re-Formatted Recovery" option.

How to Recover Data from Formatted External Hard Disk - Formatted / Re-Formatted Recovery Option

Figure 2: Formatted / Re-Formatted Recovery Option

Step 3: Select the formatted external hard drive and click "Next".

How to Restore Data on Formatted External Hard Disk - Select Formatted Hard Drive

Figure 3: Select Formatted External Hard Drive

Step 4: Upon successful completion of recovery process, a list of all restored hard drive data is displayed.

Formatted External Hard Disk Data Recovery - List of Recovered Files

Figure 4: List of Recovered Files

Step 5: Use "Save Recovery Session" option to avoid re-scanning of the hard drive.

Formatted External Hard Disk Data Restoration - Save Recovery Session option

Figure 5: Save Recovery Session option


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