Repair RAW External Hard Drive without Data Loss

Is your hard drive data showing as RAW? Here is an effective solution from REMO that shows you how to fix a RAW external hard drive without data loss and fully recover all files from an external / internal hard drive.

How to Fix a RAW External Hard Drive without Losing Data

Symptoms of RAW external hard drive

If you encounter any one of the following situations while using external HDD, it means the volume / entire drive is corrupt and may show up as RAW format. Common symptoms are mentioned below:

  • File system is displayed as RAW
  • The volume does not contain a recognized file system
  • Displays error “The drive in disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?”
  • File names contain weird characters

How to fix a RAW external hard drive without losing data?

"Anyone knows how to fix a RAW external hard drive without losing data? I have an external HDD of 2TB capacity and due to some unknown reasons, the file system of the hard drive has turned to RAW, and I can’t access the stored data. Is there any way to resolve this problem?"

According to a professional advice, do not make any changes to the external hard drive until you recover all data from a RAW hard drive using a safe and reliable data recovery software. Remo Recover hard drive recovery tool is a profesionally recommended data recovery utility that will help you in recovering data from the RAW external hard drive, allowing you to then format the drive to make it usable. Let’s find out what causes a hard drive to go RAW and learn the step-by-step guide for you to repair RAW external hard drive without data loss.


Possible causes for an external hard drive to become RAW:

  • Excessive number of bad sectors on the external hard drive
  • Corruption of partition table and Master Boot Record of an external HDD
  • Abrupt ejection of external hard drive without using safe Remove Hardware option
  • Interruptions while formatting or re-formatting external hard drive

However as said earlier, data lost on RAW external hard drive will be securely recovered with the help of Remo Recover data recovery software. The application supports recovery of all types of data including photos, documents, compressed files, movies, RAW images, music files and many more from any brand of external hard drive gone RAW. In addition, it supports RAW files recovery from internal hard drive, flash drive, USB drive, memory card, digital camera, FireWire device, etc.

Points to consider for successful RAW external hard drive recovery

  • Do not write anything on the RAW drive as it might overwrite the inaccessible content
  • Avoid formatting the RAW external HDD before data recovery as it makes recovery difficult
  • Always eject the external hard drive or USB media using proper ejection procedure

Steps to fix RAW external HDD without losing data and restore files with Remo Recover tool

Remo Recover tool provides user friendly interface and safe recovery methods, you just need to connect your RAW external HDD to a computer and run the tool to scan it. It supports all Mac / Windows platforms and various file systems like HFSX, HFS+, HFS, FAT, NTFS and ExFAT.


Step 1: Launch Remo Recover Pro Edition and click on “Recover Volumes/Drives” option to perform RAW external hard drive data recovery.

Click on Recover Volumes/Drives buuton to repair RAW external hard drive without losing data

Step 2: Select the connected external hard drive from the list of physical devices and click “Next” to initiate scanning process.

Choose the connected external HDD and hit on Next

Step 3: The software deeply scan the selected external HDD and shows the list of recovered data files by means of “Data View” or “File Type View”.

Preview the recovered data either using Data View Or File Type View options

Step 4: To avoid re-scanning of the entire external HDD, you can save the current recovery session by clicking on “Save” button.

To get back data from RAW external hard drive click on Save button



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