How to Repair Unsupported or Damaged MP4 Video File?

Corrupted MP4 file screens “the file is unsupported or damaged” error whenever you try to play it. If you are unable to get rid of the error, then here is the right solution for to fix your unsupported or damaged MP4 video.

Usually, users prefer to create videos in MP4 format as it is well-matched with a large range of gadgets and offers astonishing video quality. As we know even the most desirable things have some or the other flaws, MP4 video format is not exempted from this. Yes, it is the reality. How much preferable the MP4 video format, that much it is prone to corruption. Some of the most common situations, which damages your MP4 file structure and makes the video corrupt are listed below.

  • Accumulation of virus on storage drive that holds your MP4 file
  • Interruptions/errors while transferring MP4 video from one location to another
  • Shutting down the player/system abruptly during video playback
  • Recording MP4 video when device’s battery is low

Thus, if your MP4 video is damaged or corrupted due to above or any other reasons then it may screen “MP4 file is damaged or unsupported” error. Hence, you need an unsupported or damaged MP4 video file repair tool to make the video playable. And, Remo Repair MOV is the highly recommended software to repair your unsupported or damaged MP4 file.

Remo Repair MOV - Reliable tool to fix damaged or unsupported MP4 file:

Remo Repair MOV is the perfect solution when you are worried regarding damaged or corrupted MP4 video. Even if, the name says it is MOV video repair tool, it is enough potent to repair damaged MP4 files and M4V videos. So, with the assistance of this professional MOV Repair tool, you can easily get rid of unsupported format or damaged file .mp4 error. It has an advanced module that reads the affected MP4 video, replicates it and fixes issues on reproduced file. Thus, your source file is not modified. After fixing the MP4 file via the handy interface of the software, you can even play the video and check it. You will not face any issues during the repair process. If you come up with any queries, then you can get a direct assistance from the tech team. Also, the software has distinct editions for Mac and Windows that you can run on any computer (regardless of the version of OS).

Procedure to Fix MP4 File is Damaged or Unsupported Error:


Step 1: Get Remo Repair MOV tool and launch it.

Open QuickTime won't play MP4 file and click Repair

Step 2: Select the unsupported or damaged MP4 video, hit Repair key.

View MP4 file repair progress

Step 3: Preview the video and save it on new location.

Preview & Save MP4 video

Tips to avoid MP4 video corruption:

  • Use only reliable AV tool
  • Don’t create videos when device’s battery is low
  • Opt dependable converter to change your video format