Fix Downloaded Video

Posted by: Leo Mccoy


You have shot a movie with your iPhone and imported it using iMovie and when you try to play it on your Mac, it says “moov atom not found”. (Or) You have downloaded many videos (.mov format) of various file sizes on your volume, yet it shows the play time of the videos as 00:00:00hrs. You tried playing those files through QuickTime, VLC, DivX and all the other good media players known, but in vain. Well, then it’s quite obvious the MOV files are corrupt.
So what do you do now? Is it the end of that video? Obviously not, as you can easily fix downloaded MOV videos that are corrupt if you have the right tool for that job. We shall guide you in repairing and getting back your MOV videos.

Firstly, let’s understand what MOV files are, and what causes them to get corrupt. And, eventually, why is Remo Repair MOV the best tool to fix downloaded MOV videos and other corrupt MOV files.

MOV file with extension .mov is a multimedia file format invented by Apple Inc., particularly to store video files- movies, audios as well as text files. Every file consists of a digitally encoded media stream that is stored in hierarchical file format. These files are crafted to work on both, Mac as well as Windows platforms with the help of appropriate programs like QuickTime and Windows Media Player.

Why are the MOV videos refusing to play?

There are umpteen reasons for a MOV file to refuse to open. These can be any of the below mentioned incidents that can occur to a MOV to damage it and render it unable to play.

Corruption of MOV videos during improper file sharing: You are moving the MOV files from your iPhone or any other system to your Mac, or while doing a similar action, the power cuts off abruptly or the system encounters a crash.

Converting the MOV file to another file format: While converting your MOV videos to other video file formats using a poor third party tool, you might corrupt the original MOV file. This is a process that is to be done carefully and any errors in this process can lead to MOV corruption.

Force - playing the MOV videos using unsupported Media player: One has to play the MOV files using supported and authentic media applications. Trying to force-play those files through unsupported media players shall cause damage to MOV files.

While carrying out a scan for viruses: You may be carrying out a thorough virus scan of your Mac PC and during the process, the antivirus software will scan and if found, delete any suspicious items linked with the MOV making it unable to play.

Other actions: While compressing and / or decompressing the MOV files, while sharing it with other devices through online facilities, a malware - that may damage the header files of the MOV and similar actions.

Why is Remo Repair MOV the right tool to fix downloaded MOV videos?

Remo Repair tool works on smart-scan technique that carries out in-depth scan for any errors in MOV files on that volume. It locates every QuickTime playable file on that volume, scans any errors like broken/corrupt/damages in MOV files and lets you to repair it instantly and effectively.


Follow these steps to repair inaccessible downloaded MOV videos:

Step 1: Download and install Remo Repair MOV on your Mac PC.

Repair Inaccessible Downloaded MOV Video

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now select the drive that contains the corrupt MP4 files along with a heathy MP4 file for reference and click on “Next” to begin scanning process.

Repair Inaccessible Downloaded MOV Video - repair progress

Figure 2: Repair progress

Step 3: After the completion of repair process, preview the fixed video file and all its contents.

Repair Inaccessible Downloaded MOV Video - Repair Preview

Figure 3: Preview MP4 Video

Step 4: Use "Save repaired file" option to finish the repair process and to save the file on any desired location.