Fix AVI Index Mac

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Repairing AVI Index Mac

"I downloaded some AVI video files on to my Mac via a video download site on the internet and normally, those videos should play with VLC media player. But before it plays, it flashes an error note stating that the AVI index may be missing or broken. It also gives the option whether I want to rebuild it or play as is. However, whether I rebuild it or not it does not play normally and sometimes it doesn’t play at all. Can this cause further damage to the AVI files or harm my Mac in future? When I tried to fix it using virtual dub it says it does not support the file format. I don’t want to re-download all those files and I would like to know if there’s a better way to fix AVI index Mac.”

Method to fix AVI index Mac:

A broken AVI index is unlikely to cause any harm to your Mac but it may cause the media player to crash at times. Generally, the video index is what is used for altering the playback of the video file. It won’t be of any use if you are playing the AVI video file from beginning to the end. But the video index will be used while pausing, fast forwarding, rewinding, skipping and / or while moving the slider from one part of the playback to another.

However, if you do not want to use these facilities you can continue to play those files as is and ignore the error notes. But this is not quite desirable as you will like to use those options some time or the other. So you will have to fix AVI index Mac using a reliable third party video file repairer such as Remo Repair AVI in order to get your videos back to work entirely.

Fixing AVI index Mac issues using Remo Repair AVI:

Carry out Mac AVI index repair using Remo Repair AVI which is a professional video repairer specifically built to work on Mac OS X based systems. It allows you to easily repair AVI index Mac which is broken. Apart from fixing video index issues you can reliably resolve issues caused by corrupt or damaged AVI files. Remo Repair AVI can also address other errors such as audio video out of sync issues, green screen errors, video file entirely unplayable and almost all problems of unplayable AVI files.  Below are few advanced features of Remo Repair AVI which are helpful while performing Mac AVI index fix:

  • Apart from fixing corrupt or damaged AVI files, you can use this software to repair Xvid, DivX, etc. videos that are having errors
  • This tool extensively repairs and adjoins the corresponding audio and video to resolve audio video out of sync issues
  • All repaired video files will be playable on both Mac as well as Windows computers without any issues
  • You can directly fix video files which are stored on external storage devices such as external hard disk drives, pen drives, memory cards and all other Mac supported storage volumes
  • Remo Repair AVI comes with a free trial version using which you can scan, fix and play a portion of the video before evaluating the registered version of this software


Steps to repair AVI index on Mac using Remo Repair AVI:

Step 1: Download and install Remo Repair AVI on your Mac and select the drive that contains the AVI file and click "Repair".

Mac AVI Index Repair - Browse Corrupt AVI

Figure 1: Browse Corrupt AVI File

Step 2: Once the repair process is completed, you can play a portion of the fixed AVI file using "Preview repaired file" option.

Mac AVI Index Fix - Preview Window

Figure 2: Preview AVI Video

Step 3: Save the recovered AVI video file to any desired location using "Save repaired file" option.

Fixing AVI Index Mac - Save Repaired AVI

Figure 3: Save Repaired AVI File