ExFAT File Recovery

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

How to recover ExFAT Files?

ExFAT is a famous file system developed to be supported on both Windows and Mac systems. This file system is specially developed for flash drives. It is a improved version of FAT file system. This file system was developed to meet the growing needs of file storage on different platforms. Generally, this version of file system is used where a NTFS file system is not feasible solution. There are various benefits of using an ExFAT file system over FAT. Let us discuss few of the advantages here

  • It is used to exchange the information between Windows and Mac platforms in a efficient way
  • Supports cluster size of 32 MiB
  • Supports UTC timestamps
  • Promotes transactional file system

Now there are different updated versions of ExFAT file system that handles advanced file formats like HD videos and high definition pictures. Though, this file system is so advanced, you will lose data from systems supporting it, due to issues like file system corruption or some errors. Don’t worry!! In this page, we are specially going to deal with such issues and tips to handle it.

File system is considered to be the most vital part of a system. It is because, this file system helps you in organizing the files saved on the device in hierarchical manner. However, if a power surge causes any interruption, when ExFAT is writing some data, it might alter its file structure causing corruption. Thus the files saved on your Mac drives become inaccessible.

Some applications on your Mac store are compatible only with particular file types. At certain times, when users want to install an app that needs some other file system, people may try to reformat the Mac volume. If you convert the file system with sufficient technical knowledge, you might end up in damaging the file system, causing the loss of files from Mac machine

Accidental formatting of ExFAT drives is also one of the reasons that cause the loss of files from Mac. This happens due to user negligence and occurs at unpredictable files. So, in order to save your files in such situations, one must have to backup the data regularly.

Along with the above mentioned reasons, there are various other circumstances where a user loses his files from ExFAT drives. They are virus attack, improper system termination, logical damage, software malfunctions etc. Wondering how to recover ExFAT files from Mac machine? Don’t worry!!  Now with Remo Recover, you can perform ExFAT partition recovery and restore all possible data from your ExFAT drives.

Remo Recover is capable of recovering files from a formatted, inaccessible, deleted ExFAT storage drives efficiently. You can explore the features of this software by installing it on your Mac versions like Mac Lion, Mountain Lion, Mac Leopard and Snow Leopard. Moreover, this application can retrieve ExFAT files of different file extensions. It can also support recovery of files from storage devices such as internal and external hard disk, memory cards, flash drives that is installed with ExFAT file system.


Steps to use ExFAT file recovery software:-

Step 1: Install the software on your Mac machine. From the main screen select "Recover Drives/Volumes" option as shown in figure 1

Retrieve Exfat Files- Main Window

Figure 1:Main Window

Step 2: Now select "Volume Recovery" option as illustrated in figure 2.

ExFAT File Recovery - Select Formatted/Reformatted Recovery

Figure 2: Select Volume Recovery

Step 3: Now select the ExFAT drive from where you lost the files

Restore Data From Exfat- Select ExFAT Drive

Figure 3: Select ExFAT Partition

Step 4: After successful scan, a list of recovered files are displayed

Recover Exfat Files - Recovered Data

Figure 4: Recovered Data