Canon EOS Data Recovery

Remo Recover software makes restoring Canon EOS Data an easy task, as it is a renowned media recovery tool that enables all users, novice or expert, to recover deleted files from all types of camera devices.


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Almost all Canon cameras provide a handy way of storing the captured movies and videos by making use of removable storage devices such CF type 1 and type 2 cards to save data as storing data on removable media device provides a convenient way of sharing and transferring data. But along with being a handy way of data storage, these miniature storage devices are easily viable to data loss or deletion on them. For example, accidentally deleting data, unintentional formatting of the storage device, device corruptions leading to data loss, manually deleting photos from a Mac, etc. while performing some other tasks. This page is for those who have encountered data loss on Canon cameras and are looking forward to perform Canon EOS data recovery using a suitable means of Mac data recovery.

Factors that lead you to perform Canon EOS data recovery on its CF card:

  • Storage devices can get corrupted if they are handled incorrectly resulting in data from it to get unreachable or at worse deleted. For instance, ejecting the CF cards incorrectly, ejecting and inserting the CF card frequently from the Canon camera, using the storage device on various platforms different cameras, card readers, etc.
  • Cameras powering off as a result of low battery or due to any other reason while the photo / video is being captured or processed
  • Ejecting the storage device from the camera while the photo or video is being captured or processed
  • Removal of the CF card from camera or from a card reader while an ongoing transfer process can cause data deletion or corruption

Recover canon EOS data:

The method to recover data from a Canon EOS camera or from its storage device is similar to restoring data from any volume. As a matter of fact, chances to successfully restore canon EOS data from its storage device are often comparatively higher provided that you have the correct data recovery tool such as Remo Photo Recovery for Mac software. The chances of data restoration on memory cards are greater because these devices tend to have less storage capacity when compared to external hard disk drives and data on memory cards is generally not fragmented and as well as they tend to contain a similar kind of data such as pictures and video files.

Retrieve Canon EOS data using Remo Recover Mac software:

Remo Recover Mac software is an extremely powerful and effective data recovery tool which can easily perform Canon EOS data recovery.
With Remo Recover Mac software, you can easily perform Canon EOS data recovery order to recover all types of deleted or missing data from the camera or its external storage device. Recovering Canon EOS data can directly be done by plugging the Canon camera to a Mac computer or by connecting its CF card to the Mac via a card reader.
Note: To avoid overwriting of data from a storage device, it is always recommended not to use the CF card under any circumstances if you are looking to perform data restoration on that device.

Steps to recover Canon EOS data on Mac using Remo Recover utility:

Step 1: Download and Install Remo Recover software on your Mac system and connect the Canon EOS camera to it. Launch the software to open the main screen and select "Recover Volumes / Drives" option.

Recover Canon EOS Data - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select appropriate recovery option to initiate the Canon EOS recovery on Mac.

Restore Canon EOS Data - Select Recovery Option

Figure 2: Select Recovery Option

Step 3: Select the Canon EOS drive from which you need to recover data and select "Next".

Retrieve Canon EOS Data - Select Canon EOS Volume

Figure 3: Select Canon EOS Volume

Step 4: Once the recovery process is completed, the list of recovered data shall be displayed.

Recovering Canon EOS Data - Recovered Data

Figure 4: Recovered Data