Canon Camcorder Data Recovery

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Recovering Canon Camcorder Data using a Mac

A camcorder or a camera – recorder is a compact electronic device capable of capturing video and audio data such as a movie for later playback. Generally the recorded data is stored on a removable storage device such as a memory card in one of the many video file formats. Data, generally videos can get deleted from a camcorder’s storage device just like from any removable storage device. The conditions and scenarios are same. However, a few most obvious ones that can cause data deletions are mentioned for you to get a broader view of data loss actions and how to handle them when encountered. Just go through that before we begin to perform Canon camcorder data recovery on Mac computers.

The various actions that can cause data deletion on a camcorder storage device:

  • The most common reason for file deletion is accidental data deletion where in a user may unintentionally erase a file
  • Other file delete actions include data loss as a result of corruption where a file can get deleted if the program operating it is corrupted
  • Improper usage of the camcorder or its storage card such as using the device without its knowledge or rough-handling the storage device
  • Errors encountered while transferring files, such as from camcorder to a computer can cause the files to get deleted
  • Other technical issues such as hardware malfunctions, shooting videos while its battery is almost dead and the like

Let whatever be the cause for data erasure on any storage device, the process of delete action that occurs remains the same. That is, when a file is deleted, only the header holding the location of that file is erased leaving the file data untouched. Now that file becomes invisible to the camcorder or any other device. In order to make it to be visible again, scan for the deleted file on the respective storage medium and alter the deleted file’s header data and that’s it. But there’s a catch; you can’t recover Canon camcorder data using the default operating system of a Mac or a Windows. You will need a third party file recovery software which is specialized in restoring Canon camcorder data such as Remo Recover for Mac -  a tool which can effectively scan for all deleted or missing data from any storage medium and retrieve Canon camcorder data with ease.

Restore canon camcorder data using Remo Recover on Mac:

The movies or videos shot using a Canon camcorder camera can be of high importance and losing such data from its storage device can be inacceptable. If data deletion occurs on this gadget due to any reasons, it becomes necessary to perform Canon camcorder data recovery at any cost. Any users facing data deletion on any supported camcorder can make use of the information posted here. Remo Recover is a powerful and reliable data recovery tool using which you can undelete Canon camcorder data within minutes.

Methods to keep data secure on a camcorder and its storage device:

  • Maintain the Canon camcorder’s battery sufficiently charged before using it. If you shoot videos when the battery is almost out of charge, there is a possibility for the camcorder not to store that video
  • Frequently using the memory card on multiple devices such as cameras, card readers, etc. can result in file deletions or corruptions
  • Keep the Canon camcorder’s storage device protected from viruses and malwares and also away from virus infected devices


Steps to recover Canon camcorder data on Mac using Remo Recover:

1: Download and install Remo Recover and launch it to open its main screen as shown. Select "Recover Volumes/Drives" option.

Retrieve Canon Camcorder Data - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

2: Select the volume from which Canon camcorder data is to be recovered and click "Next".

Restore Canon Camcorder Data - Select Drive

Figure 2: Select Volume

3: Scanning process may take few minutes to complete, after which the list of recovered data from Canon camcorder shall be displayed.

Undelete Canon Camcorder Data - Recovered Canon Data

Figure 3: Recovered Canon Camcorder Data

4: In order to avoid scanning of the volume in future, you can use "Save Recovery Session" option to save the current recovery process.

Restoring Canon Camcorder Data - Save Recovery Session

Figure 4: Save Recovery Session


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