AVI File Error C00D11B1

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Resolving / Fixing AVI File Error C00D11B1 on Mac

I am having trouble with Windows media components for QuickTime media player on Mac OS X. I can watch movies and TV shows with no errors but when I go too far in watching a TV series, I get the following message on media player - AVI file error c00d11b1. I have tried uninstalling window media components for QuickTime player and re-installing it but that does not help in fixing the error (AVI file error c00d11b1) I have tried using other media player but with no luck. I have even tried using different video files but that does not work either. Can anyone please let me know how I can get this problem fixed – that is, fixing AVI file error c00d11b1?

What is error code c00d11b1?

Error code c00d11b1 is encountered while trying to play a certain type of video files using Windows media player. This error occurs due to a variable which defines the bit-rate for each media stream is coded to 32 media streams. When the quantity of supported media streams goes more than 30 in a single video file or in a live stream, the media player fails to play that video file or that live stream and the error code c00d11b1 is flashed.

Repair AVI file error c00d11b1:

Here, in this site, let us concentrate on repairing AVI file error c00d11b1 on Mac computers. In order to fix AVI file error c00d11b1, you will have to use Remo Recover AVI software program. This video repairer tool is proven to locate, identify, and repair Windows Media c00d11b1 AVI and all other AVI file related errors. You should be able to resolve all video file issues smoothly and effectively with the help of this software. Also, you get to use a free trial version of this amazing video file repairer using which you can scan, fix and as well play a portion of the fixed AVI video file before going for the full version of this software. Apart from fixing corrupt AVI files, you can use Remo Repair tool to fix video files of almost all file formats.

Actions causing these types of errors with AVI files:

  • Over time, the errors and conflicts start to accumulate and add up on the volume causing the Mac and its effectiveness to slow down. Not immediately but over a period of time these errors and junk files will cause the system to slow down resulting in these types of errors. Hence computers need to be timely serviced, just as you would a car
  • Converting the AVI files to any other file format using untrusted apps and also interruptions caused during the conversion process of the AVI files can cause file corruptions
  • Downloading AVI video files which are broken or damaged beforehand can make that file inaccessible or corrupt
  • Power related issues such as power outages or improper system shutdowns while accessing AVI files can corrupt these files
  • Errors with multimedia softwares that play the AVI files can cause corruptions to those files
  • Other errors may come as an outcome of modifying, enhancing or resizing the AVI video files incorrectly using untrusted third party tools causing the AVI files to display error notes
  • Improper transferring or storing the AVI video files can definitely cause corruptions with those video files


Steps to repair AVI file no audio error using Remo Repair AVI:

Step 1: Download and install Remo Repair AVI on your Mac PC and select the drive that contains the corrupt AVI files and hit "Repair".

AVI File Error C00d11b1 Fix - Browse Corrupt AVI

Figure 1: Browse Corrupt AVI File

Step 2: Once the repair process is complete, you can play a portion of the fixed AVI file using "Preview repaired file" option.

Fix AVI File Error C00d11b1 - Preview Window

Figure 2: Preview AVI Video

Step 3: Save the repaired AVI video file to any desired location using "Save repaired file" option.

Repairing AVI File Error C00d11b1 - Save Repaired File

Figure 3: Save Repaired AVI File