Why is My Transcend External Hard Drive Beeping

What happens when your long-continued external hard drive started to perish? When your external hard drive is troubling you by making any beeping noises, here’s what you need to do and not to do.

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From one of the forum users:

“Well…the problem with my 500Gb Transcend external HDD is it beeps for a long time. Due to this, I can’t access the drive. It just beeps and beeps. Sometimes, even I could able to access the drive, I don’t see all my files or a just empty folder. When I remove the USB cable and connect it again, the sound goes away. But only for some time.

Why is this happening? Is my drive faulty? If yes, then how to fix?”

At first, try backing up data from your beeping Transcend external hard drive

Based on the cause for hard drive beeping, you may or may not able to access the drive. So as soon as you hear your external hard drive sounding strange, but still recognizable, then immediately transfer all the data to an alternative external hard drive.

Why does an external hard drive beep?

Basically, the continuous beep sound is one of the symptoms of hard drive failure. However, the most common cause according to manufacturers for hard drive emitting beep sound is a lack of power supply. The problem may be due to a bad cable or a faulty port. But, you can easily fix this! On the other hand, if the external hard disk is recognizable on the computer but you are not able to extract any content from it, you may want to retrieve files from a corrupted external hard drive .

Use a different power supply/cable

One of the possible safe steps to perform is to try some alternative connection combinations to provide complete power supply to your external drive.

Note that if the problem is serious, you don’t leave the hard drive plugged in for a long time.

  1. Try with an alternative USB Port

Plug your device to a different port available on the computer. Some external drives come with the dual-port capability to connect into two ports at a time. But keeping busy both the ports at once may give you a starving drive as it might not get the enough power boost.

Don’t perform Transcend drive surgery without the right guidance and tools

You should carefully take steps when it comes to hard drive repair. Sometimes, you can recover data from failing external hard drive by taking it out from its case and attaching directly to the system through SATA cable. But, the chances of getting this method success is very less, like one in ten cases.

Most importantly, you need to remember that you should attempt to do this procedure if you are less experienced or don’t have proper tools to remove the hard drive. And if the data on Transcend external drive is most important and you are new to this method, it would be better you simply consider taking it to a professional.

Well, with unskilled attempts to fix the beeping problem and repeatedly trying to connect the drive with different cables may lead to severe damage to the drive and loss of data. So the lesson to be learned from this is if you want to successfully recover data from Transcend external hard drive, use a reliable data recovery tool or contacting a specialist.

A Transcend external hard drive’s failure is really frustrating, but it is not at all that exceptional. If your external drive starts beeping at you, then try the solutions mentioned in this article or else contact an expert sooner.

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