Which Is Better – SSD or HDD for External Hard Drives?

SSDs vs HDDs for External Hard Drives


A number of people buy laptops, external hard drives for their computing needs and most of them will be confused between SSD and HDD to select as a storage component.  So which of the two is a better choice, a hard drive (HDD) and solid state drive (SSD)? Each buyer has different requirements and you have to evaluate the decision based on those needs, so there is no straight forward answer to this question. So here in this article, we make a comparison of SSD and HDD storage and understand the good and bad of both.


A Solid State Drive contains all functions of HDD, however, the data is instead stored on interconnected memory chips that hold the data even when there is no power supply. So here are some details about SSD which will help you understand its features.

  • When it comes to power draw or battery life, SSD has less power draw, averages between 2 to 3 watts, which is resulting in 30 + minutes battery boost
  • SSD costs around $0.20 per gigabytes
  • The capacity of SSD would be usually not larger than 1 TB for all the notebook size drives, and 4 TB max for desktops
  • Its failure rate is 2.0 million hours
  • File copy paste or read write speed is usually more than 200 MB/s and around 550 MB/s for cutting edge drives
  • File opening speed is around 30% faster than hard drive
  • An SSD is safer from effects of magnetism (If your data is lost or formatted from SSD then recover data from formatted SSD using Remo Recover software.


Hard Disk Drives or HDD has been introduced to technology world number of years ago. The main benefit of the hard drive is that it is capable of storing lots of data cheaply.

  • Hard drives will have more power draw, averages 6 to 7 watts and therefore uses more battery
  • Its cost is around $0.03 per gigabytes
  • Basically, HDD is around 500GB and 2TB maximum for notebook size drives and 10TB max for desktops
  • File copy pasting or read writing speed is from 50 to 120 MB /s
  • File opening speed is lesser compared to SSD
  • If magnetism affected, then it can erase data from HDD

So after observing the comparison of SSD and HDD, we come to a conclusion that, using a hard drive as a storage device is better as it will last longer. Tom’s Hardware has done a study on SSD reliability that shows that solid state drives are not an order of magnitude more reliable than hard drives.

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