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Solved – Outlook 2016 Auto Deleting Emails

Some users have companies about their Outlook 2016 automatically deleting emails without consent. This problem seems bizarre but can happen at times due to various reasons. This article explains troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue and also covers how to recover if your emails are deleted (not present in the Deleted Items folder).

  1. Disable Ignore Conversation

Your emails may be moved to Deleted items folder automatically if the ‘Ignore Conversation feature’ is enabled. This feature is present in Outlook 2010 and onwards. This is basically choosing to ignore a conversation in cases where everyone uses a ‘Reply All’ in a long email chain. Such messages will be directly sent to Deleted Items folder instead of the Inbox.

In order to disable this feature, go to the Deleted Items folder and simply click on an email. Click on Ignore button if highlighted. When prompted, select ‘Stop ignoring conversation’.

Now, these messages will be moved back to the Inbox. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, proceed to the next step.

  1. Disable Move Conversation

This is similar to Ignore Conversation except that the conversation will be moved to a specified folder instead of the Deleted Items folder. If the specified folder is Deleted Items, then the result is the same as above. Your emails are in that folder.

To undo this action, right click on an email and select ‘Disable Always Move Conversation’.

  1. Incorrect Outlook settings

Incorrect Outlook settings may cause your emails to be deleted automatically. To verify, go through the steps below.

  • Click on File > Options > Advanced
  • Go to Auto Archive settings under Auto Archive tab
  • Check if any inappropriate settings are enabled.
  1. Antivirus applications

Many a times, your antivirus may be the one causing trouble. These applications run in the background and scans possible threats.  Most of them are present in Outlook in the form of add-ins. They can interfere with your emails and report them as malicious.

To verify, disable the antivirus temporarily and restart Outlook to check if the issue is resolved. Then turn on the antivirus immediately as connecting to the Internet without antivirus can be dangerous.

If you find your deleted emails, it’s good, they can be restored easily. But what if your emails are not found in the Deleted items folder?

They may have been permanently deleted. If they are important and you wish to recover them, there are professional tools available for this purpose.

About Remo Repair Outlook (PST)

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) is one of the best tools to recover deleted emails. It can recover all attributes such as To, CC, Sub, attachments. In addition to emails, it can also recover notes, journals, calendar items and other folders as well.

The recovered emails can be then be viewed in Outlook Style browser.

The software is compatible with all versions of Windows OS including the latest Windows 10. All Outlook versions including Outlook 2016 are supported.

Outlook may freeze or crash at times. In such cases, there may be problem with the data file PST. Remo Repair Outlook can be used in these situations as well. How do I repair Outlook 2016 explains the process in detail.

How to recover deleted emails using Remo Repair software?

Recovering emails is easy using Remo Repair tool. To begin with, download and install the application on your system.

Step 1: Run the tool and select your PST file in the main screen. You can also let the tool find it for you automatically.

Step2: Select a scanning option (Select Normal scan to recover deleted emails. If emails are not found with this, you can choose Smart Scan)

Step 3: Click on Browse to choose a destination folder to save the file

Step 4: Once scanning completes, deleted emails are stored in the destination folder

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