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ScanPST.exe Missing – Know the Ultimate Reason

In today’s world, where most of the communication is through emails, it is hard to find anyone who hasn’t used Outlook. It is one of the widest email applications, especially in corporate settings. In addition to emails, it is also a great personal information manager to manage your contacts, appointments, calendars etc. in one place.

PST files

Outlook saves all its data in the form of a PST file on your computer. This file has to be perfect condition for Outlook to function well. But like any other file, there are instances when the PST file gets corrupted and interferes with the functioning of Outlook. Corruption in Outlook can happen due to various reasons such as

  • Improper Outlook termination, closing Outlook when the PST file is being accessed can cause corruption
  • When PST files exceed a certain size limit, they can become unstable and get corrupted
  • Storing PST files on a network drive can also subject the file to corruption

About Scanpst.exe, a PST repair tool

To repair corruption in PST files you can use a built-in tool called Scanpst.exe. The tool is always installed as part of Outlook installation. The location of the tool is different for each Outlook version; hence users find it hard to locate the tool.

That being said, sometimes Outlook may itself throw an error such as ‘Scanpst.exe missing’ or ‘Scanpst.exe not found’. There are many reasons for this to happen. Some of the reasons are explained as follows.

  • Corrupt DLL registry entry
  • A third party program deletes the file
  • Bad sectors on the area where Scanpst is stored
  • A virus attack resulting in corruption of the file

A potential solution to resolve the ‘Scanpst.exe missing’ error is to reinstall Microsoft Office entirely. This will install Scanpst.exe as part of the installation of its suite. And everything should fall in place once this is done.

However, we do understand that reinstalling Microsoft Office is not easy. It comes with its own set of disadvantages. You may lose data and settings. Also, the thought of reinstalling Office doesn’t sound very appealing.

Remo Repair PST, an Outlook repair software

Instead of going through the cumbersome process of reinstalling MS Office, our advice is for you to use professional PST repair tools such as Remo Repair Outlook (PST). The software is specifically designed to repair corrupt or damaged PST files. It can repair all kinds of corruption ranging from minor issues to issues that Scanpst cannot.

The main advantage of using the software is that it does not work on your actual PST file, so it’s completely safe. Only the contents of the file are extracted and worked upon, finally generating a brand new PST. The repaired file can be previewed for free using the trial version. The preview is available in Outlook 2003 -2013 format for convenience.

You can repair large .pst files bigger than 2GB without any issues using Remo Repair Outlook. It can also work with compressed and inaccessible PST’s.

The software works with all versions of Outlook including 2016 and all versions of Windows including the most recent Windows 10.

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