How to Recover Deleted Pictures on Mac?

Summary: Did you accidentally delete your important photos while removing junk files? Then here is a one stop solution to restore permanently deleted pictures on your Mac. In this article, we have provided a few manual methods to recover data and if you are looking for a quick hassle-free solution then utilise Remo Recover Mac. This tool is built with an advanced scan engine that can scan every sector of the drive to get back lost photos. It provides a free preview of the recovered files before you save them to judge the success rate of the recovery result.

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People nowadays are socially active, they tend to capture pictures in order to post them on their social media platforms or preserve them to cherish them in the future. Even though Mac is known for its performance and security standards, it is not immune to data loss. Photos from Mac can get lost due to various reasons, hence it is recommended to always take regular backup of your important photos and files. Before we head to the recovery process let us understand a few reasons behind photo loss on Mac.

Reasons Behind Photo Loss on Mac

  • When the user is trying to delete unwanted photos, it is possible that he might end up deleting important photos.
  • Accidentally formatting the Mac HDD, which might result in photo loss.
  • Using unreliable photo editing applications can corrupt the original image file.
  • Any interruptions while transferring the photos, might result in data loss.
  • Malware infection on the Mac HDD might result in data loss.

Can Photos be Recovered after Being Permanently Deleted?

Yes, the photos can be recovered after being permanently deleted. However, stop using the drive immediately. Adding any new data on the drive on which you lost files might result in data overwritten. Hence it is advised to stop using the drive.

How to Recover Lost Photos from Mac?


Method 1: Get Back Pictures from Recently Deleted Item

If you have accidentally deleted your photos then the first place to check for your deleted photos is Recently Deleted Items and restore them from it.

  • On your Mac open the Photos library, now click on the File and select Recently Deleted  items.  photo library
  • Now select the items you want to restore.
  • Now click on the Recover

Method 2: Recover Accidentally Deleted Photos on Mac Trash

The Mac Trash Bin is the next place to go if you are not able to find the accidentally deleted photos. The Trash Bin is a unique folder that keeps recently deleted files and folders for 30 days or until explicitly cleared.

  • Click on the Trash icon and open the Trash Bin.
  • Now search for the files you want to restore
  • Select the photos you want to restore and right-click on the file and select Put Back to recover it to its original location.


Method 3: Recover Permanently Deleted Photos on Mac from Time Machine

If you have taken backup of your important photos, then you can restore the photos without any hassle using Time Machine. It is a built-in backup feature on the Mac, which can take an automatic backup of your personal photos and files. Follow the steps below to recover files from Time Machine.

  • Connect your Time Machine backup drive to the Mac, and follow the steps below to undelete photos from the Mac hard drive.
  • Click on the Time Machine icon or Apple menu select System Preferences and then click on the Time Machinetime machine
  • From the Time Machine menu bar select Enter Time Machine.
  • Now from the Timeline select the photos you wish to restore.
  • Select the photos and press Space Bar to preview it and make sure it’s the one you want.
  • And finally, click on the Restore. 

This method works if you have already taken backup of your important photos. In case, if you have not taken backup of your important photos, then make use of Remo Recover Mac to get back files with ease.

Method 4: Undelete Photos from Mac Hard Drive from iCloud

Your images can be restored for up to 30 days after you delete them if you keep them in iCloud. To restore images from iCloud that have been deleted, follow the steps below.

  • Login into with your Apple IDsign in icloud
  • Go to Photos in iCloud and click on the Recently Deleted album.  select icloud
  • Select the photos you want to retrieve.
  • Click the Recover

Method 5: Recover Deleted Photos from Mac using Remo Recover Mac

Download and install Remo Recover Mac on your Mac. And follow the steps below to recover lost photos.

  • From the home screen select the Recover Photos optionremo recover mac
  • Select the drive where the deleted photos used to exist.
  • Click on the Scan Once the scanning process is completed a list of recovered files is displayed in File Type View and Data View. remo recover file type view
  • Double-click on the recovered photos to Preview This will help you evaluate the success rate of the software.
  • Finally, click on the Save option to get back the recovered photos to the desired location.

Tips to Avoid Photo Loss on Mac

  • Always take regular backup of your important photos and files using Time Machine.
  • Avoid editing any images using unreliable photo editing applications.
  • Avoid any interruptions while transferring the photos.
  • Avoid formatting the drive if you have not already taken the backup.
  • A malware infection can cause a slew of problems, including the loss of valuable images.


Data consumption has gradually increased; with increased data consumption, the chances of potential data loss have also increased. In order to avoid data loss in the future, it is recommended to always make multiple backups of the data. I hope this article was informative in recovering photos from my Mac hard drive. Comment down below with your thoughts and reach out to us for any further queries.

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