How to Recover Sticky Notes on Windows 10, 8, 7

Sticky Notes is one of the most underrated applications. Because of the ease of its accessibility, a lot of us use sticky notes to save important checklists such as daily tasks, important notes, or crucial reminders. This is why Sticky Notes are important for all of us and can’t afford to lose them.

Although you will be prompted with a confirmation before deleting a sticky note, we still tend to delete them by accident. Losing sticky notes sometimes becomes inevitable due to

  • Upgrading Windows Operating system
  • Severe virus or malware attack on Windows PC
  • Software crash

Hence, here is an article for you that will assist you to recover the deleted or lost sticky notes on windows.

How do I get my sticky notes back?

Generally, Sticky Notes files are save as .snt format in the sticky notes root folder. If you can access the Sticky Notes root folder, you can easily recover them.

Where are the sticky notes saved?

Windows saves the sticky notes C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\sticky notes in this location. After accessing the mentioned location, you will find a file named stickynotes.snt. This “.snt” file contains all the information written on sticky notes.

You can also access the Sticky Notes location with the help of a run application. Tap Win+R and copy-paste the following command: %AppData%\Microsoft\Sticky Notes\ and press enter.

To access the .snt file, right-click on the file, click on the “open with” option, and select note pad. Once opening the .snt file in note pad search for the text from the deleted sticky note. This way you can restore the sticky notes’ text but not the actual sticky note.

However, the following method is only used to restore deleted sticky notes text and, you cannot recover the sticky files that are lost due to complex data loss scenarios. For example, formatted drives, or .snt file lost due to Windows update.

In such cases to restore the deleted files on Windows 10, you need pro data recovery software such as Remo Data recovery software. Remo can easily detect more than 300 file formats recovering. snt file is going to be easy. Hence, just click on the download button to recover lost sticky notes.

How to Recover Sticky Notes

Download Remo Recover file software on your computer and install it. Run the tool and when the main screen opens, select the Recover Files option and select the drive from which you want to recover sticky notes. Then click Scan for the software to start scanning the drive

After the scan is complete, all found files are displayed in 2 kinds of views namely File Type View and Data View

Step 3: Next, you can preview the recovered files by choosing the respective file and selecting Preview option

Step 4: And finally, save the recovered files to any suitable location of your choice

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