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Recover Microsoft Access Database Files

Summary: Accidentally deleted or lost Microsoft Database Access file? Having trouble with a corrupt access database file? Don’t worry, this article has everything you need to know how to repair corrupt .mdb file and also recover deleted access database files. 

Microsoft Access is one of the most commonly used data base management system by organizations. However, this Microsoft Access database is not free from any problems. Whenever an access file gets corrupt this leads to a serious problem as all the important data stored in it will be inaccessible. They will be lost permanently if you don’t act upon immediately.

Accidentally Deleted or Lost Access Database File?

Apart from corruption, accidentally deleting the database file can also land you in trouble. However, recovering deleted Access files is simple than repairing a corrupt file. Let us see what you need to do to recover deleted Access database files.

Whenever you delete the Access files permanently from your computer, the only way you can recover them is by making use of a data recovery software. However, it is important that the computer from which you have deleted or lost Access files must not be used right after data loss.

This will ensure that your data won’t be overwritten. Next step is to choose a data recovery software to recover your deleted Access file.

We recommend you to make use of Data Recovery Software by Remo to get back your deleted or lost Access database files. The tool is built with a powerful recovery algorithm that can recognize and recover files of any type. Download and try the tool for free now.


How to Recover Deleted Access Database Files with Remo Data Recovery Software?

To recover deleted Access Database Files, download and install Remo Data Recovery Software and follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Launch the tool, click on Recover Files or Recover Partitions and select the drive from which you want to recover Access database files, click on Scan
    recover deleted access database files using Remo
  • After completion of the scanning process the software will list the recoverable files from your drive that includes the Microsoft Access database file.
  • You can preview the files from the list of recoverable files from your computer.
  • If you are satisfied with the recovery process, you can activate the software and save the Microsoft Access database file on to desired location.

What to do if your Access Database file is corrupt?

Like mentioned earlier, Microsoft Access database files getting corrupt is a common thing which happens when you are frequently editing data in Memo fields or interruption while transfer of data. No matter how this file gets corrupt there are simple ways to repair corrupt Access database file by yourself. Refer the next sections to know how to repair a corrupt Access Database file.

How to Repair Corrupt Access Database File?

You can follow any of the below mentioned methods to repair a corrupt Access database file:

  • Recover Access Database from Backup
  • Repair Corrupt Access Database file with Compact and Repair Feature

Recover Access Database from Backup

To recover Access Database from backup, you need to have a backup file Access database created. If you have a restoration point or a backup file created, then follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Copy the backup file from File Explorer
  • Replace the damaged database file with the backup file.
  • This is the easiest way to restore Access database file.

If you do not have a backup copy of Microsoft Access database file, then you can go ahead and make use of the compact and repair feature to repair damaged Access Database file.

Repair Corrupt Access Database file with Compact and Repair Feature

Compact and Repair feature is an inbuilt repair tool that can help you repair and fix corrupt Access database file. To repair corrupt Access database file or .mdb file with the help of compact and repair feature, follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Open MS Access and click on Database Tools
  • Select Compact and Repair Database 
  • Once you click on it the tool will try to repair the corrupt Access Database file.

After completion of the repair process, see if you have fixed the problem. If you are still seeing issues with the database file, then you might have to seek help from any Access Database forums to help you with it.

Final Words:

Corruption of Access database file is something that you cannot anticipate anytime. Best way to prepare yourself against such scenarios is to maintain a regular backup of data. This will not only help in case of Access database file corruption but also in case of accidental deletion of a.mdb file.

Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and do give your feedback on Remo Data Recovery software for recovering deleted Access file.

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