How to Recover Lost Favorites on Microsoft Edge

The favorites folder is one of the quicker ways to access the web pages on Microsoft Edge. These saved favorites can disappear from the Microsoft Edge browser. When this happens, things can get difficult as you might have to add the sites all over again. You would not have trouble adding a couple of sites, but if you have a huge number of files to restore, then things can get a bit difficult. Luckily, there are few quick ways to restore the favorites on Microsoft Edge.

How do I Restore My Favorites on Microsoft Edge?

You might be left wondering why did the favorites disappear from Microsoft Edge. One possible reason could be because of a Windows update that might have made a change to Microsoft Edge. However, the below information will help you recover the favorites in a simple way.

Restore Disappeared Favorites from Internet Explorer.

If you have lost the favorites on Microsoft Edge you can import them from the older version that is the Internet Explorer. Here is how you can import

Recover favorites on Microsoft edge

  • Open Microsoft Edge and click on the three dots on the top right corner
  • Now click on Favorites from the drop-down and select Manage favorites option
  • Next, click on the three horizontal dots on the top
  • Choose Import favorites
  • Choose the Microsoft Internet Explorer from the option and hit the Import button
  • Now you can find all your files being imported to the favorites

Sometimes your favorites might not be imported from the Internet Explorer. This could be because your favorites URLs on Internet explorer are usually stored in C:\Users\User name\Favorites. If your saved URLs are missing from this folder, you will not be able to import them on to the Microsoft Edge. One way to get back these URLs lost from the favorite folder is by restoring it to the previous version.

Restore Lost Favorites from the Previous Version

The Previous Version helps you restore any data that has been backed up within file history. If you have added your Favorites folder to file history backup, you can restore deleted favorites using the following steps

  • Navigate to C:\Users\Username\Favorites right-click on the favorite folder and choose Properties
  • Now, select the Previous Versions tab and choose the old version
  • Finally, click on Restore to get back all your files lost from Favorites

After retrieving the files, follow the steps mention in the first solution to restore your lost favorites on Microsoft edge What do you do when you don’t have a backup but ended up losing all the Favorite items? You can still recover the files and the only way to do this is by using a data recovery software.

If your Favorite items are missing due to an update or accidental deletion, it is impossible for you to search them manually. Remo Recover is an efficient tool that can recover the data lost from your Favorites folder. With the help of the deep scan algorithm, the tool scans the hard drive sector by sector to retrieve lost files. Download and try the software for free now.

How to Restore lost Favorites on Windows 10

Download and install the Remo Recover tool t follow the below steps

Step 1: From the main screen click on the Recover Files tab and choose the drive that contained the Microsoft Edge Favorites files and click on the Scan button

Step 2: Now the software will start scanning the selected drive and find lost or missing files. Once it finds the files, it will list them in 2 views; namely File Type View and Data View

Step 3: Finally, select the files and click on  Save them to the desired location.


Follow the instruction as mentioned in the article to recover the lost favorites on your Microsoft edge. Sometimes the favorites on Microsoft edge could also be missing due to a technical glitch in the application. To avoid such incidents, you need to update Microsoft Edge. These updates will contain the fix for the issue on your Microsoft Edge.

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