Recover Data from Formatted SSD | Expert’s Guide -2021

Summary: Worried about recovering data from formatted SSD? Ever wondered what happens when you format a SSD or hard drive? Worry not, all your questions related to formatted SSD recovery will be answered in this article. Stay till the end of the article for the most simplistic way to recover data from formatted SSD.

Solid State Drive, most commonly known as SSDs have started replacing the old school hard drives with its enhanced speed in reading and writing data. SSD have got better with its efficiency, but SSD is not free from the problem of data loss.

When it comes formatted SSD recovery, it appears almost impossible to get back lost data. However, this article is here to prove you wrong and help you in restoring your data from formatted SSD in no time. Let’s get started.

Reasons Why You Have Formatted SSD?

Below mentioned are some of the most common reasons or scenarios where you end up formatting your Solid State Drive:

  • Accidentally formatting the SSD
  • Formatting SSD without taking backup while trying to converting file system
  • Corrupt or damaged file system can also lead to formatting SSD
  • Formatting to the messages like the drive is not formatted do you want to format it now?
  • Virus or malware infection leading to SSD failures

These are some of the most common reasons or scenarios which will lead to formatting your Solid State Drive. Now let’s look at how you can recover data from formatted SSD.

To your Notice:

Once you format the SSD, make sure you stop using the computer that is having the SSD or the SSD immediately. This will make sure that your files and folders will not be overwritten. If you are looking for ways to recover crashed SSD, you can check this info.  

Most Recommended Way to Recover Data from Formatted SSD or Hard Drive

The most recommended way to recover data from formatted SSD is to make use of a SSD data recovery software by Remo.

Remo Recover, a powerful hard drive recovery software that can help you recover data from formatted SSD in no time. Built with dual scan mode to address multiple data loss scenarios, you can always be sure of recovering data from your SSD no matter how you have lost the data.

Download and try the tool for free now with the Preview feature to judge your recovery process. Download now.

How to Recover Data from Formatted SSD using Remo Recover?

To recover data from formatted SSD, all you need to do is download and install Remo Recover on your computer and follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Launch the application, click on Recover Partitions 
  • Select the formatted SSD from the list of displayed drives and click on Scan
    click on recover partitons to start recovering data from formatted SSD
  • When the scanning process is completed, you will get to see a list of recoverable files from your formatted SSD
  • You can preview the files to test the success rate of recovery
  • If you are satisfied with the results of formatted SSD recovery, activate the tool and Save the files to desired location.

Tips to Never Lose You Data: 

  • Regularly taking backup of data on other devices
  • Choosing smart backup options like cloud to save backup
  • Making sure your computer is free from any malware by running Windows Defender regularly
  • Staying away from fraudulent applications that can damage your computer.

To Conclude:

There is no science to stay away from data loss, way to stay away from data loss is by inculcating a good habit of taking regular backup of data. In case you missed taking backup or deleted data from SSD in any accidental data loss scenarios as I mentioned above, then your best shot at recovering the data is with the help of Remo Recover.

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